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Ofsted inspection question re: nurseries

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SnotGoblin Mon 17-Jul-17 21:28:25

I received a message from my child's nursery this afternoon stating that a full Ofsted Inspection of the nursery is taking place tomorrow and that parents may get questioned.

I'm curious as to how much notice a facility would usually get when they are due to be inspected and how long is it between inspections these days (they were last inspected in 2015).

It seems sudden and quite soon after the last one to me so I'm paranoid that they have failed in some way.

I guess I'm looking for reassurance that it all sounds 'normal'.

FineAsWeAre Mon 17-Jul-17 22:01:05

They are only notified the day before. It's usually 3 years but additional inspections can take place for a variety of reasons. I would wait for the outcome of the inspection and then discuss any concerns. If there has been an incident or complaint they are unlikely to discuss it with you anyway but if you're happy with them I wouldn't worry for now.

mangomay Mon 17-Jul-17 22:02:43

Has the nursery changed ownership or building or anything like that? That usually triggers a new inspection. But we get told the day before now thank god

SnotGoblin Tue 18-Jul-17 00:29:50

No changes that I'm aware of. I was more concerned that there had been an incident or complaint. I'm generally happy with them, otherwise I wouldn't leave my kids there. Will have to wait for the outcome.

Thanks for your replies.

insancerre Tue 18-Jul-17 06:00:51

Settings get a phone call around lunchtime the day before
Unless it is complaint driven, in which case they get no notice and the inspector just turns up
The fact that hey have had notice indicates it is just a scheduled inspection
The inspection cycle lasts for four years and the new cycle started 1st September 2017 and all settings are inspected at least once in the cycle
The inspection in 2015 was in the previous cycle and this one is in the new one

SnotGoblin Tue 18-Jul-17 08:30:17

Yes, thanks, it's all much clearer now. I tentatively asked them if this was routine this morning (knowing they couldn't really say 'no, this has come about because parent x complained about our handling of child y) and their response suggested it was just the regular routine inspection. 2015 is in my mind because that's when the report was published. They were in fact inspected in 2014.

I will relax and let them get on with it. Thanks for all your explanations and reassurances grin.

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