Does anyone use Kiddi Caru in Whiteley-Fareham

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DanniWeston Thu 22-Jan-15 20:26:26

Having once again had to negotiate the inconsiderate parents who abuse the double yellow lines, pavement and disabled parking spaces at this organisation, causing problems for other children and the disabled and elderly attending the adjacent healthcare facilities........I can only say that the standards of these parents can only make me wish to take my children somewhere else

AbigailsMummy Thu 29-Mar-07 16:17:28

Well the latest is that Abi is starting there next week!

Looked at a couple of others but they didn't really jump out at me. The Kiddi staff spent quite a while talking me through stuff and in the end I just could/can not find fault with the place! Abi had her first settling session on Wednesday which went really well

Back to work the week after next so I'm hoping she's all settled by then.

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JustSometimes Thu 29-Mar-07 15:39:03

By the way, my work colleague took both of hers to Kiddi Caru (but elsewhere) and said she chose it because it was brand new, so secure (password systems for other relatives collecting on your behalf) etc. I must admit I would consider the place if I need to use one.

JustSometimes Thu 29-Mar-07 15:37:01

I haven't personally, but 'bump' the message later and see if anyone else has!

AbigailsMummy Thu 29-Mar-07 15:27:00

I shall take that as a 'no' then!

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AbigailsMummy Fri 23-Mar-07 11:16:01

....I visited this nursery this morning with my little girl and am keen to register her. It all looks fabulous-brand new with great staff and lovely garden- but I've never left her before so want to make sure I'm making the best choice.

Any comments or experiences of this nursery would really help.


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