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Are these messy play things really okay for ds nursery to do.....??

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WhyTheHeckMe Sat 01-Jul-17 20:45:45

If I'm being hugely precious please feel free to tell me.
Had a few issues with ds nursery, he's been there 9 months now and loves it but the food they serve isn't very healthy a lot of the time and they seem to lack a bit of hygiene (the kids eat snacks sat on the floor by the back door that they're in and out of all day and i have often witnessed ds picking fruit up off the dirty floor and eating etc)
Anyway I've raised my concerns and it's something they're 'taking on board'.
Got invited in to a parents open afternoon this week and they were doing messy play. I sat and watched ds shovel handful after handful of shaving foam in his mouth. When I tried to stop him his key worker laughed and said "he always eats it - it's like a snack to him".
Next they bought out trays of small icecubes made with squash which obviously he loved sucking on.
Dh choked on an icecube age 7 and has a massive phobia of them for anyone let alone ds.
I really want to raise it but I feel like I'll never get invited in again! I'm so reluctant to move him because of how happy he is there, but I just wish they'd have a bit more common sense. Or is this standard and I'm just being a bore?

I should add that ds is 17 months and this all goes on in the baby room that is 0 - 23 months


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NuffSaidSam Sun 02-Jul-17 13:57:43

I was all ready to tell you that you are ridiculous, but actually I don't like the sound of that either.

Shaving foam for messy play is standard so I assume they've checked that it's not poisonous/harmful? Are you sure it was normal shaving foam and not some sort of edible alternative?

The ice cubes sound like a choking risk unless they are so small that they could be swallowed whole or so big that they couldn't choke on them (although obviously they'll get smaller as they melt)?

HSMMaCM Mon 03-Jul-17 10:07:25

Children do put everything in their mouths, so eating shaving foam will happen, but should be discouraged.

Ice cubes can be a choking hazard, but my mindees do play with them.

Isthatwhatdemonsdo Mon 03-Jul-17 10:26:27

As above shaving foam is used, but should be closely monitored as ice cubes. Eating snacks by the back door a big no. They should be sat at a table with plates, unless they are having snack outside, sitting on a blanket and still using plates.

silkpyjamasallday Mon 03-Jul-17 12:03:45

I think you might be being a bit precious, children that age are incredibly mucky for the most part anyway. A bit of grime will bolster his immune system in the long run. Letting them have snacks all over the place isn't great but is easily rectified and isn't going to do a huge amount of harm when they are constantly supervised in a baby room, maybe mention choking risk to them and hope they do something about it even if it makes you seem over dramatic or whatever. I've seen children eat huge lumps of play dough including my DB and they have been absolutely fine.

2014newme Mon 03-Jul-17 12:05:24

I wouldn't be happy about the poor hygiene, eating foam and tge ice cube choking risk. There are lots of messy play things they can do which aren't dangerous!

WhyTheHeckMe Mon 03-Jul-17 12:59:08

The shaving foam was definitely not a specific messy play one, it stank of "men" if u know what i mean and I looked at the can which was aldi! I wouldn't mind if he put a tiny bit in but he was literally eating it by the handful.
Thanks for the opinions, he has his parents evening coming up so rather than go out of my way to make (another) deal of things I think I'll casually raise it then.
Thank you :-)

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