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New Nanny

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user1498766194 Thu 29-Jun-17 21:03:36

Hi there, new to mumsnet.. I'm thinking about employing a Nanny for four days of the week until my three year old starts school, she's been at nursery since she was six months. I'm sure she'll be fine but any advice welcome, also we holiday theee times a year, does anyone know whether Nanny comes with us or to stay at home for house duties? Thank you

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nannynick Fri 30-Jun-17 06:51:43

A live-out nanny would usually not come with you on a holiday. You would usually decide half of your nannies holiday entitlement and they would get half to choose themselves. If you go away more than your half of choice, your nanny could come in to do some child related household duties or you could give them additional paid leave. It can be very good for your relationship to give additional paid leave. Treat your nanny as you would like someone to treat you.

You will need to run payroll - what country are you in? In some countries there are nanny payroll providers who can help you with your employer duties. In the UK, look at companies like and who are the biggest two providers.

user1498766194 Fri 30-Jun-17 22:46:28

Thank you, Nanny will be live in, this is all new time so advice greatly appreciated, I'm in UK, will certainly look at those websites.

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nannynick Sat 01-Jul-17 06:59:04

Live-in nanny may like to come on holiday with you but you must agree things upfront.

It is not a holiday for them, they will be working. What hours they would work needs to be agreed.
They are away from their base, so additional pay tends to apply, especially as they may be working or travelling on days which they would not usually be working.

Personally I feel you want family time away from your employee. Live-in they are with you 24/7 so you may really want some time away from them. They need to take paid holiday anyway, so it is a good time for them to take their annual leave.

K1092902 Sat 01-Jul-17 07:11:15

We have a live out nanny.

She came on holiday with us last year but it was at our expense- so another flight and room to pay for plus meals and any trips she did with the DD. Anything she did solo she paid for herself. We flew premium and we told her if she wanted to as well it would of been at her expense -- and she chose not to so DD went economy with her--

We paid her for the full 2 weeks but we gave her lots of free time- we would do 2 days and she would do 1 from 12-12 so me and DH had free time so she only actually worked 4 out of 14 and had DD to deal with on a 12 hour flight both ways

Annual leave: we choose 2 and she chooses 3. Also gets bank holidays.

Also worth mentioning my DD is 3 and still goes to nursery 3 mornings a week as we feel it's good for her. She starts a pre school full time in September. Nanny will use this time to do basic household chores and some basic admin for us.

user1498766194 Sun 02-Jul-17 21:26:35

Really helpful advice thank you

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