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Decisions decisions - help!

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Worried0266 Thu 22-Jun-17 13:51:38

The private nursery my daughter attends is closing soon. There are talks with alternative providers going on to take it over but nothing guaranteed yet. We are very happy with this provider and sad that it is closing. It has nice big premises, a big grassy and paved garden and a little paved one which the toddler and pre-school rooms have free flow to. There is a cook on site and hot lunch is provided, with hot teas in winter and cold sandwich/potato/salad type teas in summer at 3.30pm.The staff are lovely and caring and she has a strong bond with her key person. She has a baby brother who will start in the new year when I go back to work.

We have looked around 2 other nurseries recently.

Nursery A is popular and has a long waiting list with unborn children of siblings on it. More expensive than current nursery. They can offer the hours we require but not the preferred days for toddler but can't offer what we need for the baby. No grass in the garden and small rooms. It uses a catering company which provides hot lunch and sandwich type teas. Closer to home and more convenient for both workplaces, giving flexibility in drop offs and pick ups with regards to parents.

Nursery B is 5 minutes further away from home/work. Much bigger rooms and big gardens, grassy and paved. Has spaces for both children. More expensive than nursery A by £3 a day. Also uses a catering company. Hot lunches for under 3s, but over 3s need to bring packed lunch in, and full time children will get hot tea (e.g. beans on toast, soup etc), younger children a sandwich tea.

My toddler will attend for short days (mostly funded sessions) until I go back to work, then both will be full time 8-5. The toddler is used to 8.30-5 at the moment, she comes home and usually has a bowl of cereal and some milk before bed. We usually eat after she's in bed about 8pm.

Can anyone help on what I should do?
1. Wait to hear about what might happen with the current nursery - it could be the same staff just different company. No details on cost at present. Further away from home than both A and B but convenient for one parent's work.
2. Nursery A with not preferred days for toddler and find something different for baby - childminder? Problem having children in different places with pick ups and we're not convinced with childminders from social side of things, and what happens when they're sick?
3. Nursery B for both but have to provide packed lunch and cook main meal in evening. Will she want a main meal at 6pm after a hot tea at 4pm? If not then will it be a balanced diet?


BubblesBuddy Thu 22-Jun-17 14:08:29

Unfortunately lots of nurseries are under financial pressure so even if your current one stays open it looks like prices will go up.

I wouldn't care if meals are provided by a contractor. I assume they are wholesome and I would expect my child to eat at home anyway and that will be a wholesome meal. If your children are not going in every day I wouldn't worry about minor meal issues.

I would worry about the places at the nursery going. There must be others leaving your nursery. Can you find out what the situation is with your nursery? It seems unfair to keep you hanging on but finances and funding don't add for many nurseries these days. It will be worse when 30 hours comes in! Not enough places!

Worried0266 Thu 22-Jun-17 15:35:58


Current nursery is closing due to cost - not enough children on roll apparently. It's a chain nursery and I guess it's not as profitable as some of their other ones. I don't know who the other interested parties are but hopefully we should find out in the next few weeks, with an indication of prices. Fully aware any of the options will be more expensive than we're paying now though, I can't see how nurseries will stay afloat if the amount of money the government gives them for free hours stays the same.

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