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Help! My child scratched another!

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Hudhud31 Tue 20-Jun-17 12:20:37

Today I went to pick my 3year old from nursery and the teacher asked to speak to me she said that DD was playing in the sand with another boy and he hissed right in her face and she scratched him (left a big mark apparently) she told me to please cut her nails regularly I said yeah that's fine. She then said she has noticed she has changed in her behaviour recently and asked if there was anything going on at home I said no but I have realised this too and was concerned as she has been having anger outbursts at home with her little brother. I basically think that there is something going on in the nursery. A few weeks ago she told me that a little boy shouted in her face and I asked what the teacher did and she said she told him off so I just let it go but then a week later she told me again and I went in and told a teacher that she's told me twice now and she's upset as she don't like it when anyone gets in her face. I'm going to to in tomorrow and find out if it was the same child but I'm really upset now and I don't want to take her back. But I know that wouldn't be good for her as she's going to school in September and you can't keep changing schools every time you have a altercation. Plz help

HSMMaCM Tue 20-Jun-17 22:41:24

If you are able to keep her home, you could just say it's the end of term and let her have a long summer holiday before starting school. It might help break the habit.

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