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fledglings nursery redbourn and berkhamsted???

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pollysmummy Mon 19-Mar-07 17:31:48

anyone have any experiences they can share with me? im looking into the one at redbourn for my baby.
many thanks.

smeeinit Wed 21-Mar-07 08:08:39


smeeinit Wed 21-Mar-07 11:56:58

i used to work in both of them,cant say much about the place without getting sued im afraid so i shall just leave it at that!

jesspalmer01 Tue 14-Jul-09 09:34:55

Any mum would agree that putting a child in nursery is one of the hardest things a mother will have to do, so to help I can only give you my own experiences, I have been happy so far, my daughter has been with them for a few months now, she used to cry every time I dropped her off, but now toddles at an alarmingly fast rate to the carers! although all the carers look after all the children, you are also assigned a dedicated worker who you can always speak to, they actually called me at work a few times after seeing how upset I was in the morning just to reassure me that everything was OK and have absolutely no problem with me calling in the day should I be anxious.

staff seem experienced and a lot of them have been with the nursery a considerable amount of time

I have picked my daughter up at different times of the day and have always seen that the children are observed well and looked after.

the only downside was they were a bit slack with admin before joining, sending out forms etc.

I hope thats of some help PollysMummy

sorry last poster but this is such a serious subject I think its really unfair to reply with glib comments and smiley faces.

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