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Chasabeth Mon 15-May-17 21:52:47

Hey guys,

Sorry if this has been batted about on here a bit but I wanted to get people's experiences of nurseries offering the 15/30 hours a week free (as of September).

Our nursery where my DS goes has sent out an email to say that kids will only qualify for the 30 hours if they are full time. On their scheme we will only get 11 hours a week free as my DS only goes 2 days a week. I do kinda understand as they don't get full funding for 30 hours.

I am expecting my 2nd and due in September when he will qualify for the free childcare care so I thought ho hum, we will use the 15 (aka 11) hours a week and he can go 2 mornings. But they have now said that to qualify for this he will have to be in nursery for a minimum of 2 full days and we will be charged for the extra hours. This works out to nearly £300pm! I'll only be on the lowest Mat pay and can't afford this.

I wanted to see if this is right? Can a nursery really do this? I'm fuming to be honest, he loves it there and I don't want to move him but I feel like they've backed me into a corner. I've emailed a few other nurseries in the area to get an idea of their polices, but any advice would be great smile

LIZS Mon 15-May-17 21:59:27

Are you sure the 11 hours isn't the 15 hours termtime spread across the full year? They can define when the "free" sessions are but you can't be forced to go longer.

Chasabeth Mon 15-May-17 22:32:47

Yes, the 11 hours is the 15 hours term time, and apparently that is their policy. So in order to get the 11 hours free I have to put my DS in 2 full days a week and pay the extra. If I just put him in 2 mornings (totalling the 11 hours) they are saying they will charge me.

Starlight2345 Mon 15-May-17 22:37:32

It is about nurseries been able to afford the funding.

I am a childminder and the fee's I get won't be that off however the nurseries are struggling due to there overheads.

Dlah Tue 23-May-17 20:20:00

This does not make sense to me at all! I work in a nursery, I submit the funding for our children. By our local authority you can claim up to 10 hours funding in 1 day, if you're doing 2 full days you should get your full 15 hours entitlement and pay the diff;

E.g. We are £44 a day = £88 a week for 2 days, £52.50 for 15 hrs funding in our area = you'd pay £35.50 difference.

I would ring your local authority and speak to them, it doesn't sound right what your nursery is saying

HSMMaCM Tue 23-May-17 22:48:10

You can only claim 10 hours in a day if the Nursery is offering sessions this way.

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