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Dim question about free nursery sessions

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Mummypumpkin Thu 15-Mar-07 10:35:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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CarGirl Thu 15-Mar-07 10:38:00

a nursey who is doing the NEG sessions have to let you collect him after the free 2.5 sessions, I wouldn't forwarn them that is your plan though until you def have a place etc!

bozza Thu 15-Mar-07 10:40:57

Yes you can.

Mummypumpkin Thu 15-Mar-07 10:49:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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usandnosleep Thu 15-Mar-07 10:54:37

You need to phone around and ask. Some settings offer 2.5 hr sessions some are longer with parents paying the difference.
A setting won't think anything of you asking just for the free ones they get calls like that all the time

MrsDoolittle Thu 15-Mar-07 10:55:04

I have been wondering how this scheme works.
Dd is full-time and she will be entitled to these session in September - her birthday is April 10 so we miss out by a few days.
But tyhis only applies to 38 weeksn of the year, isn't this right?
So for the other 14 weeks of the year you have to pay full price, right?

MrsDoolittle Thu 15-Mar-07 10:56:26

I think it usually works that a morning or and afternoon = one session. So it's basically 2.5 days.

beckybrastraps Thu 15-Mar-07 10:59:57

How about a preschool?

Our preschool does 2.75 hour sessions, but doesn't charge any extra to NEF-funded children.

They might not be able to offer the full 5 sessions straight away though. We can't - we don't have the capacity. You can share the sessions between differnt settings though.

Mummypumpkin Thu 15-Mar-07 11:03:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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CarGirl Thu 15-Mar-07 11:04:48

Even if it is a 3 hours session they CANNOT stop you collect them after the 2.5 hours it is an optional extra for them to stay for longer

colditz Thu 15-Mar-07 11:05:54

try a preschool, they are set up for stuff like this.

MrsDoolittle Thu 15-Mar-07 11:06:02

Thanks MP - I can't wait for that!!

nurseryvoice Fri 16-Mar-07 08:33:19

car girl, im a bit confused about your thoughts? have you had a problem with a nursery when picking up your child?
it is perfectly normal for a nursery to offer the 5 x 2.5 hour sessions only
and of COURSE parents can collect their childen when they want to?
at my nursery we can be flexible some children stay for lunch
some children come 2 days a week and have the 4 sessions and pay the lunch session
so really there shouldnt be any question of the nursery being awkward about anything

(just interested cos you sounded quite put out)

CarGirl Fri 16-Mar-07 18:41:17

no I haven't had any problems but I know as the government are tightening up on how the charging works etc some pre-schools and nurseries are struggling to comply. Our pre-school would be out of pockt if people collect their children after 2.5 hours and not pay for the extra half an hour - the voucher amount does not cover the cost of providing the session. Same with my childminder I actually pay a retainer for my elder daughter otherwise she would lose out on accepting the vouchers.

Tis the government I'm cross with!

goingfor3 Fri 16-Mar-07 18:52:22

My daughter goes to a pre school which charges about £11.50 per session. The vouchers do not entital free child care they pay up to £8 or so per session so if your nursery/pre school charges more you will have to pay top up fees. I don't think most day nurserys will offer 2.5 hour sessions as it doesn't work out financially for them and usually at a minimum offer half day slots of probably four or five hours.

CarGirl Sat 17-Mar-07 13:08:33

goingfor3 - your pre-school HAS to allow parents to collect children after 2.5 hours and they are NOT allowed to charge for those 2.5 hours. You should be asked to sign a form stating that you understand that. If you choose to use extra time it is optional and yes they can charge you for that. Those are the rules if places do otherwise it is legit/legal

goingfor3 Sun 18-Mar-07 18:37:43

CarGirl -you are completly right! I dodn't realise the rules had changed in September. DD2 will be entiltiled to a free palce from April, the session runs for 2 3/4 hours so I wonder how much they will charge for the extra fifteen minutes.

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