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Going back to work!

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hollymai Sat 06-May-17 18:08:26

^Hi all!
I am a single parent to an 19 month old boy, renting, on benefits sad I work part time as a dinner lady at a primary school and there is an opening for a full time teaching assistant which is my dream job! I'm thinking of applying but not sure..I think I stand a high chance of getting the job (without sounding big headed)! But then, my benefits would stop because I'd be in full time work. How would I pay for childcare from 8-4, 5 days a week, I've looked and it is very expensive! It would be nearly all my wage then I couldn't pay for my house?! Anyone have any advice!? Thank you x^

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Wolfiefan Sat 06-May-17 18:09:58

Would all your benefits stop? It's crap. You should be encouraged to try and work and helped to make a better life for you and your child.

hollymai Sat 06-May-17 18:12:39

I'm not sure..I have a meeting with them soon but surely as it's full time work I wouldn't say I'm in need of help if you know what I mean? I also doubt they'd pay the near on £800 it would cost!

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ruddynorah Sat 06-May-17 18:20:11

You'll still get tax credits to top you up. Plus you'll get 70% of your childcare paid for in extra tax credits. You'll now get Working Tax Credit.

insancerre Sun 07-May-17 14:56:42

You may qualify for 2 year funding as you are a single parent on a low income
This will cover 15 hours a week term time only

insancerre Sun 07-May-17 14:57:44

Obviously in the future when your child is 2
It's the term after they turn 2 so would that be January?

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