Nursery Tower Hamlets - please help

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TinKo Tue 09-May-17 15:15:59

I am in a similar situation to you and have started to do a bit of online research, but would love to hear from any mums on here where you would recommend. Would really help

hergutfeeling Mon 01-May-17 21:36:01

Hi everyone. Wonder if I could get some advice about daycare in Bow, Tower Hamlets. I'm due to go back to work in March 2018 when DD is 1 and haven't got any childcare sorted out and don't have the first idea about which nurseries I should be looking at or avoiding. Does anyone have any experience with any of them or any advice to give? Worried that I have left it quite late as apparently lots of nurseries have year long waiting lists shock!!!

Thanks in advance!

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