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Nursey or childminder? 4 month old Liverpool

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Sammimi09 Wed 26-Apr-17 10:19:01

Hi, i'm new to mums net, my baby is due this September and I will be returning to work in January 2018. This is my first baby and im not from Liverpool and don't have any mum friends that can give me advice here, my friends in London all took the full years maternity, didn't return to work or have grandparents that have stepped in. So any advice would really help.

I've been told I should start looking at childcare now, this will be for two days a week. My baby will only be about 4 months old when I return to work. I can work from home two days a week and have my boyfriend's family who can help for these days, but I'm not sure how reliable they'll be until we start. The other two I will need childcare, what's better a nursery or a child-minder. And can anyone recommend anyone around the south of Liverpool or the city centre?

Thank you smile

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