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How upsetting is it for a 2 or 3 year old to move nursery?

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AntiHop Tue 25-Apr-17 22:02:41

My 2.5 year old has been at the same nursery since I went back to work at 9 months. She's really happy there and we are really happy with her care.

We are looking at moving to a new area (as we can't afford a big enough place where we live) which means she'll have to move nurseries.

How upsetting is it for toddler to move nurseries? I am really worried about the impact on her. We can't wait until she starts school for financial reasons.

NSEA Tue 25-Apr-17 23:06:17

Toddlers are adaptable and she will be fine.

Not sure how it relates tonyou looking forward to school though!

AntiHop Wed 26-Apr-17 00:32:48

Thanks NSEA. What I meant was we can't delay until school starts to move to a new home for financial reasons, we have to move ASAP.

crumble82 Wed 26-Apr-17 00:35:45

My DD moved nurseries when she was 3 as we moved house. She was slightly unsettled as you'd expect but fine after 3/4 weeks.

orangebobble Wed 26-Apr-17 02:45:40

As a nursery teacher I can say that most children will be fine with this, after a month or two of re-settling perhaps. But it really depends on your child and how they are generally with new people and change.

Acorncat Wed 26-Apr-17 08:25:35

I recently moved mine aged 2.5. He adapted incredibly well, his new nursery is a lot nicer though which helps! We did settling in over a week then he was happy to do full days.

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