nursery shut by ofsted

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Schmoop Fri 07-Apr-17 11:59:35

OFSTED inspected and made the decision to suspend the nursery immediately. Does anyone know where we stand with regards to payments made. Need to find contract but I doubt it says anything about this scenario. Would you expect to pay April's bill?

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insancerre Sat 08-Apr-17 07:16:39

I'm a nursery manager and it is very rare for nurseries to have their registration suspended except in very serious situations to do with safeguarding, usually where a crime is being investigated

I don't see how the nursery would expect any parent to pay in those circumstances
Have you found a new nursery yet?
What reason did the nursery give for the closure?

nannynick Sat 08-Apr-17 07:23:38

Hard situation. I would offer to pay for care provided up to the time of suspension.

If payment has been in advance, then getting that back may be tricky. At first wait and see what the management does. If it becomes clear that the nursery won't reopen and the company goes in to administration or liquidation, then you would be one of many creditors whom the liquidator would aim to pay back at some point if funds ever allow - such as if they owned the building and sold it.

What are you doing for childcare? Has your local authority contacted you, or you contacted them, to provide details of alternative care?

EdithWeston Sat 08-Apr-17 07:28:57

I would have expected that April's bill is already paid, and a deposit held. So I would write informing them that no further payments will be made until the nursery's future is clarified.

If I could find an elegant way of saying 'and I'll also wait until I know what's going on before I chase you for what you owe me if you don't re-open''. Though pragmatically, you might have to write that money off.

Schmoop Sat 08-Apr-17 21:31:39

Thanks for your input. I have received a letter from ofsted today explaining the situation. Luckily I am in a situation where I don't need childcare, DS has just been doing a few sessions before he is eligible for the 15 hours funding. I am going to hang fire for now as it is looking as though the issue may be resolved soon, just unsure whether it would be reasonable of the nursery to expect payment for the time they are closed

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