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Crawling and walking

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Mort123 Mon 27-Mar-17 20:42:12

My dd is about to start nursery 3 days a week and grandparents twice a week as i unfortunately have to go back to work full time. She is nearly 6 months old and has started rolling which was great to witness but it's dawning on me that the first crawl and walk will probably be performed in front of someone else. The nursery said they don't have to tell me if I don't want to know. What was anyone's experiences? smile

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ineedwine99 Mon 27-Mar-17 20:49:08

No experience but I'm in the same situation, I'm asking them not to tell me, I would rather think I was seeing it first even if it might not be true :-) plus when I tell our parents I know for sure she's done it

ohidoliketobe Mon 27-Mar-17 20:50:46

I asked other caregivers (my mum 1 day a week and nursery 2 days) not to tell me. As far as I'm concerned DS and now DD have done all their 'firsts' with me smile

genehuntswife Mon 27-Mar-17 20:52:51

I'm a chikdminder, I work with lots of other childminders, we never tell

Swearwolf Mon 27-Mar-17 20:56:31

I don't think we ever know if we've really caught firsts do we? I know that when my daughter rolled for the first time there were 3 of us sat right there on the floor with her and nobody saw it, we all just noticed she was on her tummy! Who knows if the first time they pull up to standing might be in their cot in the middle of the night, or the first step might be while your back is turned? I think the first time you see them do something is so exciting anyway, whether or not it's the genuine first time.

morvoren Mon 27-Mar-17 20:58:49

I don't know if this thought is helpful but my daughter is 11 mths, a late crawler but now quite speedy. Learning to crawl for her was a pretty gradual process. Lots of stages. Practice, practice. Several months. First... ooo, look she can move herself on her belly. Lots and lots of practice at each stage. Then.. ahh, she can push up. Look, now she can do all fours. Then she can move a bit. Then a lot. It basically it hasn't been like a sudden flash one day of... crawling... dahdah!! I have no real clue if this is typical but you couldn't really miss the process happening by not being nearby for one moment/day. Hope that makes sense!

Mort123 Mon 27-Mar-17 21:34:52

Ahh thanks guys that's all really reassuring, good advice. I like your thinking @swearwolf I need more positive thinking like that! grin

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TeaBelle Mon 27-Mar-17 21:36:25

I don't get this at all. I feel like you're asking the nursery to lie through omission. Plus where do you draw the line?

Mort123 Tue 28-Mar-17 06:08:31

Hmmmmm don't think it's a lying if you're asking not to know. More turning a blind eye. You're not asking them to not tell you if they fall over etc. Just the good bits you would like to preserve for yourself.

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insancerre Tue 28-Mar-17 06:45:54

I manage a nursery and I tell my staff they should wait until the parents to tell them that their baby crawled/ walked first
I don't want parents to feel they have missed out on their baby's first steps etc

MacTweedy Tue 28-Mar-17 06:50:41

I asked the nursery not to tell me too, although both babies have crawled/walked in front of both me and DH, despite me working part time and DH working totally random shifts.

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