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E14 isle of dogs nursery!

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user1490122888 Tue 21-Mar-17 21:34:51

Hello everyone, i am planning to put my little one in Lanterns Nursery v soon but I just read some not so good reviews ( quite old) about Lanterns. Now i am confused.

I Would appreciate if you can share your experience and give feedback about this nursery. Or recommend any other. My kid is 20 months old.
Thanks x

Newmother8668 Wed 22-Mar-17 11:06:01

Try Bright Horizons at Marsh Wall. They normally have a waiting list, but there happen to be openings now. Other ones are Little Unicorns (now Bright Horizons Canada Square) and Muddy Boots (big waiting list) at Mudchute. I like the Bright Horizons (mynursery) at Marsh Wall. It has gotten good reviews, it's quite professional, clean and organised. The ladies I've spoken to at my Virgin Active Creche swear by Bright Horizons as employers too.

MarinaMumy Tue 28-Mar-17 10:43:12

My 1 year old daughter started Lanterns this January. We spent 2 weeks there but left the nursery. Even though I really liked the nursery I think staff is an issue her.

Settling in period was awful. They didn't pay much attention to my child. Normally you have key worker and he/she builds a good connection with child during settling in period. It doesn't work like this here. Few different members of staff tried to calm her down when she cried. Only one lady actually played with my child but unfortunately she went on holiday after 2 days.
Other members of staff were busy with other kids. I have raised few times that i think it is an issue and they only keep saying "ooh she will settle in soon". I don't get how they were supposed to achieve it. Also they were saying that they will find an individual approach to child. I have not seen it.

With other nursery everything is much better. You have a key worker, she is looking after a child, calms her down when needed during first few weeks.

I think it is extremely important and it is difficult for child as well as for mum. As professionals with big experience, as they claim, they should have known that .

Newmother8668 Tue 28-Mar-17 12:35:04

I withdraw my review of mynursery. The settling in showed how babies really get left on their own. Couldn't do it.

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