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M&P Zam Bee Zee - Soft Giraffe Toy (for a nursery)

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bradles00 Fri 10-Mar-17 15:19:20

Hi Folks,

Our little one is due May 2017 - we're decking out the nursery with the Mama's & Papa's Zam Bee Zee range, we have everything but the giraffe soft toy. My wife would love this item, however its been discontinued recently.

I thought I found one (in Japan of all places) but it proved fruitless.

M&P have been great ringing round all of their stores etc but alas no joy. Many hours of internet searching etc has been done also.

Obviously I'm after new preferably but even if someone has one in good condition (we can give it a wash - more decoration than something that will be played with) i'd be very interested to hear from you. Genuine post and will pay, not after a freebie.


GirlElephant Fri 10-Mar-17 15:44:43

Bump & good luck 🍀

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