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Is this wrong??

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user1486499646 Sun 05-Mar-17 23:51:42

I viewed a nursery and when i went in i was stood in the hallway waiting for about 2 minites and i could see into the baby room 0-2 year olds and their was a newborn baby on a blanket on the floor crying unsupervised with children running around. I was waiting for a practitioner to come and see me and i couldnt get into the room as there is a gate locked. But i could see this newborn crying then a young girl came over to her and sat next to hed and gave her a bottle so i was then given a tour of the nursery and then we came back to baby room again the newborn on a blanket on the floor but asleep kids running round and no teacher right next too her just dowdling.. I asked how old she was and they said only two months im thinking of reporting other than this they whers great!! Is it wrong of them

Comealongpond89 Mon 06-Mar-17 16:52:02

Hi. I was a nursery nurse for 8 years. This does sound like bad practice. It's not safe to have such a young baby unsupervised in a room that has children walking around. If you like the nursery and would like ur dc to go there i would suggest bringing it up with the manager. Hopefully there is a good explanation that will put any worries to rest

highinthesky Mon 06-Mar-17 16:56:19

This is a red flag OP, and you know it.

No amount of explaining would persuade me to entrust a child at this nursery.

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