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New nursery

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user1488717525 Sun 05-Mar-17 18:04:08

Hi all,

We are moving house and need to find a new nursery for our child (2 yrs).

We have found a few nurseries in the area with space available for him. Some of them have a system using tablets to record daily activities for the parents to check in real-time with an app. We were told that they upload photos and track many other things as well.

How is your experience with similar systems? Did you have any privacy concerns?


Pipsicola Tue 14-Mar-17 21:09:52

My nursery uses an app that I can access to see my LOs daily routine (sleep, food, nappies) and what they have been up to including pictures. I really like it as means I have access to know what her day has been like. Most nurseries do diaries but often are left on site and not sure how much detail is sent home. My husband usually does the pick ups and even if he is given details in the handover he always forget this by the time I'm home. The app means we both can access the information. I haven't had privacy concerns as secure password / approval from provider, but then Im quite trusting that they wouldn't use something that could be vulnerable privacy wise.

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