Advice about 3 year old who says she doesn't like nursery.

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Inadither Wed 01-Mar-17 12:48:29

My 3 year old has fairly consistently told me that she doesn't like nursery based preschool. TBH I think she'd rather be at home with me as she's a home bird and a Mummy's girl but that's not possible as I have to work. We have no concerns about the nursery at all as my eldest went there and we've always been very happy with the care, environment and staff. They have advised when she's there she seems perfectly happy. She does x3 long days on the trot from about 08:00 until 18:00. Come Tuesday and Weds night her behaviour alters and she becomes a bit more wild, tearful and difficult to manage at home.

I have just arranged to spilt my days at work to give her a break in between but am wondering whether to try a childminder for a more home from home experience? I think she's shattered and over stimulated by nursery. Don't want to move her for the sake of it but thought we could try one day a week at the childminders, the rest at preschool. Has anyone had similar experiences or have any thoughts? Many Thanks

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jannier Wed 01-Mar-17 13:28:02

If she seems to find it more difficult as the week goes on it may well be she is tiered, can she nap at nursery? its not unusual for this age group to get tiered towards the middle of a week and need a nap mid week.

Not every child settles into the same routine and environment so its worth thinking about her personality, but like many adults often children would prefer home to a setting like we do work, why not have a look around at cm's and see. But one day a week may be unsettling. A good child-minder would offer all the experiences of a nursery maybe consider changing entirely to someone who would take over the wrap around for school so your little one is settled well before reception or school nursery. September will come around before you know it. Many cm's take 3 year old funding.

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