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Help with Nurseries in Southfields/Wimbledon

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LittleMuffinBabyboy Sun 26-Feb-17 21:28:03

Hello mums,

I have chosen a Montessori nursery in the Southfields area and DS went twice last week although for a few hours. They do not really have a settling in policy or so they said and although I really loved the setting and how the children were busy in doing their activities I am not so sure about the staff. Some of them are really nice but some others seem quite stiff and not really warm. I have been seeing other nurseries in the area but given DS has never been to nursery before and I am new to the nursery world I am a bit worried I have not made the right choice as I was not really sure of what to look for. I think what I need the most is a warm and friendly setting where children are welcome with a smile, made feel important and hugged when they need it.
If you have experience of Montessori nurseries did the settling in feel rushed or did the teachers seem quite composed /cold? Also, would you know of any nursery in the Wimbledon/Putney/Southfields area where the staff is really warm and caring?
Thank you x x

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