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Would these things bother you?

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upthewolves Fri 10-Feb-17 12:41:16

DD is 18mo. We are switching nurseries because her current one (which she has attended since 6mo) has suddenly increased its fees so much we can no longer afford to send her there. I've enrolled her at another nursery which was recommended by a friend. Initial visit seemed great. Today we had our first settling in session and I'm worries about the following things:

1. They have a rabbit and guinea pigs. I like rabbits and guinea pigs so no issues with this, when we first went they were in outdoor runs and surrounded by information written/drawn by children showing how to care for them which I liked. Today, they were loose in the room where the toddlers were playing - is it me, or is this a bit bizarre? They were very friendly so I'm not concerned about that, but the rabbit went under the slide and did a massive wee and I had to tell one of the NNs about it and ask where the rabbit was supposed to go to the loo. She said that "they usually hold it" (?!) Once wee had been cleared I noticed that rabbit was wet underneath with wee as had been sitting in it and so presumably getting wee everywhere else when bouncing around room?

2. 18mo-24 year olds weren't directly supervised. I mean they were in eyesight of staff but staff were at other end of room and toddlers were climbing on slides / in and out of baby swings - is this OK?

3. I was playing with DD and another little boy and the only staff member left in the room (others had taken children to another room) left saying she was just popping next door. She didn't know who I was and I'm not CRB checked. Surely I shouldn't have been left with the other little boy?

4. We all went to the next (adjoined) building where they had grouped all kids togther as there weren't many left in the centre, Fri afternoons are quiet. One little boy was napping in the sleep room but we left him there. On the way next door, the room leader asked the last NN out if she had brought a baby monitor. She said she hadn't, then ran back to get one. I was really surprised she had left that boy there with no monitor and had to be reminded of this, but equally it didn't feel great leaving him at all monitor or not.

DDs old nursery was amazing and I'm feeling shit about moving her. I wonder if my judgement is clouded by this but these things left me feeling really uncomfortable about leaving my baby there. Any thoughts are much appreciated and I can handle being told I need to get a bit of a grip!

2014newme Fri 10-Feb-17 12:43:00

I share your concerns especially children being left with strangers.
I would look at some other nurseries. Listen to your instincts.

BumWad Fri 10-Feb-17 12:46:44

I would feel uneasy about all them incidents too. Is it too late to go back to the old nursery? Is it worth just sucking up the higher cost?

upthewolves Fri 10-Feb-17 12:48:22

Thanks sad
I only have a couple of weeks left with the other one so will try to look around. It's so hard to really get a feel for it on the initial visit though, when they're trying to 'sell' it. It's different observing a normal session.

2014newme Fri 10-Feb-17 12:49:35

Well I think you have got quite an accurate view!

upthewolves Fri 10-Feb-17 12:49:36

It is a bit Bumwad, the increase is 25%. We would really struggle. Plus we are expecting number 2 and there's no way we will be able to afford fees for both.

BumWad Fri 10-Feb-17 12:52:48

Oh dear sad

It's not just one incident it's lots isn't it? I have a 20 month old DS at nursery and if anything like that happened I would be removing him immediately. Maybe you could feed this back to the nursery manager?

Jackiebrambles Fri 10-Feb-17 12:53:25

I'd say I'm pretty relaxed but I would not be happy with this.

The animals - no, what if kids have allergies etc? Plus the hygeine factor.

No way you should have been left as only other adult with kids that are not yours.

Trust your instincts and find somewhere else or a childminder.

Definitely find another nursery. Can you imagine what they do when there isn't a parent there??

upthewolves Fri 10-Feb-17 13:08:54

Thanks all. Jackie you are right, that is what my husband said - what arent you seeing? I have another visit scheduled for next Thurs and I haven't paid them anything yet. I think I will go in and see the manager and see how she reacts. There were only young girls in there this afternoon and I did get the feeling it was a bit of a 'friday afternoon' vibe. But I don't think that's acceptable in childcare. You are right re allergies btw. My DD has never been around small furries before I imagine lots of parents won't yet know how their kids will react.

upthewolves Fri 10-Feb-17 13:10:19

I just didn't want to be 'that parent' right from the off. I am rubbish at being assertive or complaining about anything.

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