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Trouble at Nursery.

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AlfieandWinnie Thu 02-Feb-17 10:29:55

DD is four and has been at the same nursery since she was two. Had no trouble up until now, but this week she's been kicked, pushed, hit and bitten in the space of three days. We're at the point of her not wanting to go so lying about a sore tummy and telling stories about "The Coal Man" who hits boys and girls (bad Dream I assume) I've spoken to the staff and they said she's happy and popular when in the class and they feel it's just a bad week for her.

Would you put it down to a bad week or talk to head teacher to make sure we can work together to make DD feel safe and secure?

QuackDuckQuack Thu 02-Feb-17 10:31:48

That's a hell of a lot to happen in 3 days. Was it all from one child? I'd definitely want to talk to someone about keeping your DD safe and making her feel safe.

AlfieandWinnie Thu 02-Feb-17 15:35:46

Three different children in the space of three days. Can't help but feel it wouldn't have happened if they'd been supervised properly!

QuackDuckQuack Thu 02-Feb-17 15:45:18

I'd make an appointment - perhaps start with the room leader/class teacher.

AlfieandWinnie Thu 02-Feb-17 16:34:31

I've already spoken to her "special person" (group leader) and they seem to think it's under control. She did have a good day today. But another parent has told me that their DS was bitten today in the same room!

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