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how to plan toddler starting nursery around new baby

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Chloris33 Thu 19-Jan-17 20:46:07

We have a new baby due end of August. My son has just turned 2. There's a local Montessori nursery we really like, they've offered us an end of April, 'summer term' start date. Other start dates are possible, but you have to start at the beginning of a 'school' term, and September is out, as new baby will just have arrived, making it bad timing. Do you think it'd be better for him to start in April/May this year, 4 months before baby arrives, or Jan 2018 when he turns three, 4 months after new baby arrives? A factor is that he has just had a new part time nanny, so it might be a lot of change for him to start in April. (Nanny doesn't mind having very short term work with us, btw, but is also happy for long-term). DH is really keen for him to start April, he just thinks it'd be best. I'm inclined to let him stay with nanny until Jan 2018, although it's not the most convenient option for me as she doesn't work during school holidays. I'm planning to continue his childcare during mat leave, btw Thoughts? x

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