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How many days a week?

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MiaMamma Fri 23-Feb-07 17:16:03

Going to see a nursery next week and I'm pretty sure I'll like it, some of my friends' LOs go there and they're very pleased with the nursery, and babies are happy there too! My question is - if I book a place for DD now and I'm planning to put her there Aug/Sept, do I need to know already how many days a week she'll go there? Thing is, I'm not sure yet if I go back to work part or full time. How does the booking system work in nurseries?

DizzyBint Fri 23-Feb-07 17:21:25

think it just depends on the nursery tbh. we booked a full time place then nearer the date told them we only needed 2 afternoons, they were fine with that. but i guess they could have turned round and said no, but if they have a big waiting list they'd easily fill the gaps.

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