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Dilemma about changes

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Chloris33 Sat 07-Jan-17 12:46:06

In a quandary as to what to do. DS, 24 mo, left nursery at Xmas, as by Nov he hadn't settled well after 3 months & the nursery really wasn't great. However in his last week he suddenly started to like it! I had already hired a part time nanny to start in Jan. He seems to love her already after first week! Meanwhile we've been on a waiting list for a Montessori nursery we really like the look of that is linked to my husband's work where we'd get a big discount. They've just offered a place to start Summer term (end April). Don't know whether to take it or if it's too much chopping and changing for DS? I'd definitely like him to be there when he turns 3 for their preschool. Also, I'm pregnant and baby is due Sep. This nursery only start children at the beginning of school terms, but Sep is out of the question as that'd be bad timing for DS with new baby. So it's either end of April or wait til Jan 2018 when he turns 3. Nursery would be more convenient for me (more hours than the nanny can do - she finishes at 2.30pm), and more affordable, but I want to do what's good for my son too. Thoughts? Nursery have deadline of 20th Jan for my decision! X

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