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Starting nursery - how to prepare your kid to adapt easier

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Twinsandfun Fri 06-Jan-17 11:47:22

Hi all, I am twins mum and want to share with you my story and advice.
Being a mother of twins I must admit, that letting my kids to the nursery was one of the most challenging new starts both for me and my boys. I was looking through all the tips and advice I could find in books and on internet. However, it was not easy to explain to 1.5 year olds everything so that they would understand. Our adaptation lasted around one month and a half. Tears, stress.
Quite in advance I was searching for any kind of explanatory video, which would illustrate nursery school curriculum and would be fun for kids. That would create a happy and nice place image of the nursery school and let them prepare in advance. My boys love watching animations and listening to the baby songs, so I was sure, that showing them something like that would be much of the help both for me and them. But I couldn’t find it. So this is how the idea was born. And together with children psychologist and animation professionals we created something helpful for nursery starters. Let me introduce you with Lydia Encyclopedia.

This is the fun song and animation about the nursery school for babies and toddlers. It helps kids to prepare for nursery and makes adaptation easier. It explains what the nursery is, what is the day schedule, how to get ready in the morning, when mum or daddy leaves and comes back to pick you up.
Lydia is the toddler girl, starting the nursery school. She is like your kids. By watching Lydia Encyclopedia – I love My Nursery school video, your kids:
-Will learn what the nursery school is, what is the curriculum,
-Will see it as fun and safe place to be,
-Will find out that other kids are attending the nursery together,
-Will acknowledge, that mummy/daddy takes you to the nursery in the morning and comes back in the evening,
-Will learn how the day looks like: getting up, brushing your teeth, put your clothes on, going to nursery….etc.

I hope this will be helpful to many of you and maybe me one more day one more timesmile Enjoy! smile

ParadiseCity Fri 06-Jan-17 11:51:03

I think the key is finding a good nursery!

insancerre Fri 06-Jan-17 19:17:11

The key is finding the right staff in the right nursery
I don't really see how watching a video is of any use to a child who is convened with the here and now
It's all about the experiential learning, learning to deal with real life experiences

Twinsandfun Fri 06-Jan-17 19:50:45

Well, that's the key thing - video is used before starting the nursery. By parents who want to explain and show the kid what the nursery is. So that when he starts going he already knows what to expect. It is like an introduction and explanation prepared in kids-friendly way. It' very well accepted by small kids and babies who accept visual and repeated information much better than just words based explanation. And children psychologyst consulted on the script so that the videi would be really useful.
Our kindergarden is one of the best in the area. And the personnel is wonderful. However a lot of responsibility lays on the shoulders on parents how they prepare their child for this new start in their life. You need to talk a lot with your little one, explain, why and what it is. And this animation is a wonderful additional tool - visualisation which is much of the help.
Of course adaptation depends on the kids personality as well - how strongly attached he is to his parents or nanny. My kids were with me all the time. So it was difficult for them to start completely new schedule in the new environment. And only talking in advance was not enough. So having this video in advance would had been great help to me and my kids.
It's for the parents who want to do some homework in advance;).

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