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To leave nursery or not?

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Chloris33 Mon 19-Dec-16 19:50:37

Really confused as to what to do. DS started 2 days nursery in Sep, aged 20 months, was really hard settling him and I felt the nursery wasn't great when he was upset. By Nov he was still having upset days and I found a lovely nanny to take over from Jan & gave notice to nursery. Tomorrow is his last day and over the last few weeks there's been a big shift & he's much happier. Nursery staff are saying he's also beginning to make a little friend there too. So am wondering whether I should ask nursery if it's possible to stay after all. The plan was to try again at another nursery when he's a bit older, with nanny in interim. Now I've also found out I'm pregnant, baby due end August, so want him to be in a settled arrangement that's working well for him when baby arrives. Like this nanny so much and she just lives round the corner from me, so am also thinking she might be useful at some point for new baby...? Hard to know what's best. Any thoughts welcome X

anyname123 Mon 19-Dec-16 19:52:46

If you leave him in nursery will you honour the Nannies contract in some way? If not you'll lose her and also probably create a lot of bad feeling, so I don't imagine she would want to Nanmy for the new baby either.

littlemissM92 Mon 19-Dec-16 19:53:16

Go for the nanny she will become part of your family and I'm certain she will be open to helping with new baby as it potentially will prolong her period with you plus usually nannies will help with housekeeping too which may b of use to you x

WheresTheEvidence Mon 19-Dec-16 19:55:08

Will you take a long mat leave? What childcare do you envision for both children?

A nanny may be the best thing for your family - especially long term ; however this is dependent on whether you can afford to keep her on during mat leave and what age dc2 will be when you go back to work

Chloris33 Mon 19-Dec-16 20:53:24

Thanks, yes, I will still want childcare for DC1 during mat leave. Nanny is not a professional nanny but a friend of friend looking for bit of work to fit with being a mainly SAHM, so she didn't want many hours in the first place. I could ask her if she'd be wiling to do some hours alongside nursery instead. But I agree, it might be very helpful to have her on board when new baby arrives. And I know my son would enjoy being with her. Just feels hard to disrupt the continuity now he is enjoying nursery more.

Chloris33 Tue 20-Dec-16 12:57:25

So the latest is that we've been offered a place at a Montessori nursery May 2017 (through my husband's work - we'd get substantial discount). I am now thinking of placing him with the nanny until then. From what I've heard, It's my impression that this new nursery is a lot better than the one we've just been at - where the practice wasn't great (upset children not dealt with very well! key person policy not taken very seriously).

But, do you think it's too much chopping and changing for DS? The alternative would be just to stay in the current nursery, which has been not great, though he's settling now. In Jan he will move rooms, so there is still some there change with that option, too. And the nursery is closed for refurbishments for a month over Easter...

Thanks so much for your help x

jannier Thu 22-Dec-16 08:46:24

Personally I think your asking your Lo to cope with a lot of changes in a very short time....just settled nursery, leave nursery, nanny a bit. new baby, just settle with nanny and start to get used to new family position and sharing you then off to another new nursery. There is a reason why the EYFS and Ofsted are keen on continuity of care and you may find LO feels pushed out by new baby if your not careful.

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