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Nursery Options - which would you go with?

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Nuanna Wed 14-Dec-16 12:58:25

Which you would choose and why? These are our two options - both quite different. If I wasn't breastfeeding two would be our choice, however, plan to breastfeed until at least two (child not born yet so this all may change). Both need deposits 12 months in advance to secure places.

Nursery One:

The cheapest.
Short opening hours.
Three minutes from work.
Would be able to breastfeed twice a day during the day.
Only 1/2 an hour of outside time per day.
Google has an entire room map that anyone can view.
Very wealthy area.
Babies and children from all over City (as linked to work place)
Offstead Outstanding
Meals cooked nearby at canteen - three week menu, only lunch and one snack provided

Nursery Two:

More expensive.
Longer opening hours with pick up and drop off flexibility.
Three minutes from home.
Children from local community.
Would be able to breastfeed at drop off and pick up, but pumped BF during the day.
Up to three hours outside per day, always over 1.5 hours outside.
Very security conscious
Wealthy area, but all social classes in nursery classes.
Offstead Outstanding
Meals freshly cook on site - four week rotating menu - breakfast, lunch, two snacks provided

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pestov Wed 14-Dec-16 13:10:52

When do you plan on returning to work and on what basis? Being able to feed in the day is more of a positive when they're little, but once weaning is established they need much less and your supply will cope.

Also, how long is your commute? I didn't fancy DD being stuck in the car seat on a motorway for 90 minutes a day, so pay more to have her near home. If I'm sick she can be looked after as normal.

You seem a bit too interested in the social class of other children. Why?

Daisies123 Wed 14-Dec-16 13:19:06

I wouldn't make the choice based on breastfeeding, especially as you haven't had the child yet! I planned to exclusively breastfeed but huge problems (including readmittance to hospital) DD ended up combination fed. She's a year old and just settling at nursery- has BF morning and evening with me and cow's milk at nursery.

We based our nursery choice on:
-both of us being able to get to the nursery (so if I'm ill or away at a conference she can still go).
- meals provided. She has breakfast, lunch and tea there, which is fantastic as we don't have to worry about providing a meal when we get in but can spend time with her playing before bedtime.
- outside space and trips out.
- in town where we live but we don't work there. Didn't want to drag her on a commute or have to change nursery if one of us changes jobs
- happy staff- nursery staff are paid living wage, many have been there a long time and seem happy working there

Nuanna Wed 14-Dec-16 13:20:31

Returning at 9 months.

Commute is a thirty minutes (run, cycle or public transport).

Not interested in the social class of other children per se - would like my children to grow up in a dynamic and multicultural environment where they would experience a mixture of people from all different backgrounds.

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NickyEds Wed 14-Dec-16 13:21:30

Number two. Unless you're going back to work very early you won't need to bf twice a day (you may not even need to pump at all)- my dd gave up all day time bf at 9 months. Toddlers need more than 30 minutes outside time a day imo.

NickyEds Wed 14-Dec-16 13:22:52

Cross posted op. It will also be a pita keeping a toddler awake during the commute when they're knackered after nursery.

NickyEds Wed 14-Dec-16 13:23:48

And if it's so close to your no home you could use the nursery even if you have an annual leave day or get ill.

tushywush Wed 14-Dec-16 13:24:08

the one closest to your home

Daisies123 Wed 14-Dec-16 13:26:19

If you're going back at nine months you really won't need to worry about BF at the nursery (would have been very different if you were planning to return at six weeks!).

I wish someone had told me at the start when BF is endless and two years of doing it seems like a lifetime stretching ahead of you that the amount they need to BF really slackens off once they're established on solids and particularly after a year when they can have cow's milk too

NerrSnerr Wed 14-Dec-16 13:28:14

I'd go with number 2. I breastfed until my daughter was 2 but she drank milk from a cup at nursery (she refused bottles of expressed milk) and then fed morning, teatime and nighttime on nursery days. It didn't affect the breastfeeding at all.

The outside time, cooked food and proximity to home would win it for me- I wouldn't fancy a long commute with a tired, grumpy toddler.

Daisies123 Wed 14-Dec-16 13:29:07

And that commute sounds like a nightmare with a child in tow!

Do you have a gut feeling about either nursery? I am so so pleased with the one we went with as DD has settled so well and absolutely loves it!

NerrSnerr Wed 14-Dec-16 13:29:19

I also know a lot of babies who chose to self wean at about12 Months so it may not be an issue for long anyway.

Looneytune253 Wed 14-Dec-16 13:31:15

To be honest from about 7 months breastfeeding during the day will most likely be off the table. My daughter was (defo by 9 months) only feeding morning and night then but most little ones aren't too fussed at that age when mummy isn't there even if they still do at home. Take that off the table.

welshweasel Wed 14-Dec-16 13:36:37

Definitely the one closest to home. My DS falls asleep on the 5 minute journey home sometimes, half an hour would be dreadful. I also enjoy my commute as alone time, switching from mum mode to work mode and vice versa. I was off work yesterday and it was great being able to take him to Nursery anyway so I could get all my xmas shopping etc done. If I'm late leaving work DH or friends can pick him up.

Pastaagain78 Wed 14-Dec-16 13:37:32

Nursery 2. Won't cause breastfeeding problems.

Butterpuff Wed 14-Dec-16 13:40:43

Yep another who would say don't base it on BF. My daughter was self weaned during the day from 9 months. Preferred solids. When we chose a nursery the quality and quantity of outdoor time was a crucial factor, and we are pleased it was as DD is a right royal nightmare if she hasn't had a few hours outside every day.

Nuanna Wed 14-Dec-16 13:49:22

Thank you everyone - lots that I hadn't thought about. My gut feeling was 2. DPs gut feeling was 1 due to ease for me getting to and from work. Everyone I work with that has children has gone with option 1. Wasn't sure if I was missing something.

Option 1 has pick up / drop off slots of 15 mins only at the start and the finish of the day. I preferred it with option 2 whereby I could actually do pick up at 3pm if I wanted and have the afternoon at home with my child (price doesn't change, but I don't mind that).

The other thing I really preferred about option 2 is the community, park, local areas, staff etc. are (almost) all from the community live in so would be places that the baby is familiar with. And I just got a better vibe from it as well if I am being honest.

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CMOTDibbler Wed 14-Dec-16 13:57:14

Nursery 2. I went back to work ft when ds was 4.5 months and bf till he was 2, pumping till he was just over a year. He was demand fed ebm at nursery, and I think it would have been disruptive to him and me to have direct bf in the day as I'd have had to schedule it rather than fitting pumping in as and when it suited me - and not away from my desk for more than 15 minutes.

Assuming your dc will be at nursery till they go to school, then the outside time is going to be so important to their well being imo

LottieDoubtie Wed 14-Dec-16 14:02:33

I agree 2. You want the flexibility of taking them in and out of nursery as suits you not the Nursery!

Outside time is also a bonus as is longer opening hours (flexibility) and by the sounds of it better food (quality and quantity).
It would be a no brainer for me.

Bear2014 Wed 14-Dec-16 14:05:32

Nursery 2. You don't want to commute with a baby. I breastfed until DD was 2 - she went to nursery at 9 months and never had milk during the day there, just food and water. I just fed her in the morning, a quick one when we got home and again at bedtime. From 1 ish just morning and bedtime. I think it would have been pretty unsettling for her if I had showed up in the middle of the day and gone away again.

But you can't just go by the pros and cons, you have to go with your gut.

TheSnorkMaidenReturns Wed 14-Dec-16 14:09:23

Nursery 2. Agree with others about not commuting with a baby. By nine months your baby will be fine not being breastfed during the day.

GiraffeWithAShortNeck Wed 14-Dec-16 14:12:35

Nursery 2. For all the reasons others have said but more importantly because you got a better vibe from it. Go with your gut.

Detti Wed 14-Dec-16 15:35:46

Hi, my son was breastfed till 1 and the nursery he went to was very supportive. I expressed at work at lunch time ( only about 80-100ml) which then was given to him the next day at around 2:30 with the afternoon snack. At around 9 month they would only have to breastfeed 3 times a day so you would need express once. My son would not drink from bottle so I bought a different cup and put a name label in it and used it only to the nursery. I would definitely use the second nursery. The closest to your home the better and the more time they spend outside is the best for them. Hope my advise helped.

StubbleTurnips Wed 14-Dec-16 15:42:45

Our priority for DD was access to outside play time all year round from
Day 1 (not just fair weather play as they get older), and fresh cooked food.

We'd chose 2 on that basis.

Our nursery has been fantastic and has had them out in all weathers from a very early age, she now does forest school twice a week too.

AChanceAtSchool Wed 14-Dec-16 23:08:50

"DPs gut feeling was 1 due to ease for me getting to and from work."

Err what part of traveling for half an hour with a child in tow is supposed to be easier?

Nursery 2!

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