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Confused with 11 free funding

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Hello87 Fri 02-Dec-16 08:40:07

My son goes to nursery 2 days a week 8-6 so 20 hours a week 51 weeks a year. He was 3 in September so eligible for 11 hours free funding from Jan. His nursery fees are currently £49.50 per day so I was thinking that his monthly fees would be halved. However his nursery have sent a letter explaining that they can only claim £3.77 per hour which works out £176.25pcm. His nursery fees can vary from £396 to £495pcm depending on how many days fall in a month (8-10) but £176.25 isn't half of that so will I be expected to still pay the remaining amount even though 11 hours are meant to be free? Thanks for any help

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MistressMolecules Fri 02-Dec-16 09:47:26

You should get 15 hours a week (and it only happens at the start of the first term after 3rd birthday - so for example if your dc turns 3 mid Jan the they will get funding from the next term). Also, the free hours are only for 39 weeks a year. Not sure about the discrepancy in cost of nursery per hour and the free hours cost.

jannier Fri 02-Dec-16 10:13:39

So you are claiming 11 hours all year round....51 weeks a year.
It is true that most setting get pai dless than their normal rate, however they are not allowed to ask you to make up that difference. They can only charge for any extra hours over the 11. They can charge for things like food and can say session times are say 9 to 11.30 and 1 to 3,30 so you pay the difference....ask for a break down and talk to your LA certainly what they are saying....and hopefully you have it in not right.

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