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K1Dx Thu 10-Nov-16 19:20:30

Hi there, first time posting but not new here some very helpful items/discussions on mums net. Thank you all.

**To the point, key worker rang me explained child has been sick at lunch time when she took her first bite of lunch followed by cucumber. Cucumber doesn't go down well with her, She threw it back out. Key worker tells me kiddo got a bug and it may be a good idea to collect her. I reply I'm out of town, working I will arrange collection however it will be tough today (no problems in the past 6 months I've always collected). I query what happened, what did she throw up, was it clear liquid, was it food she just ate, was there blood. She did not know. How does she look does she appear well before and after. Yes no problems, no temp, not tachy, good work of breathing and complexion. With regard to collection, key worker told me off the record personally that a safe guarding will be the norm if the child cannot be collected. She also explained she will not do one. Is this true? I asked to speak to another member of staff as I did not take a liking to her personal, impartial comment/advice.

She done one anyway I didn't sign it I wrote on it that the nursery are well aware of my kids eating habits. She replied she didn't know this when I explained on the telephone call. Are you not my child's key worker? What she was safe guarding for was not explained very well in fact key worker was not there up on collection. I did pick up my kid at her normal finishing time.

What are your thoughts on this?
Should I do more?
Where can I find up to date safeguarding policies for children in this context?

I've made a written account of what had happened, inc details of other relevant issues I've noticed for instance staff appearing unwell, sleeping in the reception area after taking pain relief however I'm not going to hand this in I simple want to stand my ground should I need to.

More detail... my child is 20months old, she's been appointed a new key worker for a couple of months now. This key worker has called us numerous times to collect my child and each time I go, she's fit and well, not ticking any infection markers, I don't have any concerns and the key worker will state she's ok now with a reason for her call. I've got a good support network picking her up is never an issue but it seems as though the key worker is very focused on diagnosing my child is V & D.

I've made it clear to the nursery staff that my kiddo needs food introduced slowly at the start of a meal, she will gag upon sight of food and possibly the first bite. Never the less she will finish her food. If a large portion is given she will spit it back out, a small tendency of throwing up once a month at home and once a fortnight at nursery since the new key worker has taken over. This is something we are working on at home.

On 3 occasions since the new key worker has taken over I have brought kiddo home and not returned for a day or two. Once being due to vomit and twice due to temperature being high 37. Temp constantly sought after and taken at inappropriate times whilst her coat is on and she's just had a run around jump hop twirl dance and a dive onto the floor. Inconsistent temperature readings some of which at 37.0 but they will call me and tell me her head is one thing and her body is something else. Take a layer off right? Anyways we take her home no commotion no hoo haa don't want them treating my kid any less I know they are tired and over worked loads of kids to look after.

wildsapphire Thu 10-Nov-16 19:23:16

Id find a different nursery.

catkind Thu 10-Nov-16 19:40:38

If childcare setting calls you to say child is ill and needs picking up, and you don't arrange pickup, then yes I'm not surprised some kind of safeguarding record is automatically generated. If it happened repeatedly it could indicate neglect.

That's really separate from the fact that they seem to be calling you to collect when there's not actually anything wrong. I would expect a discussion with them about how mealtimes are to be handled - have you spoken to GP about all the gagging, I wouldn't expect that at 20m? I'd be looking for an agreement that for this child gagging at mealtimes does not indicate tummy bug and you shouldn't be called for it. And what the nursery policy is for temperatures, it doesn't sound like this keyworker is taking them right.
It may just be one new staff member being overly nervy and needing more training, but if you can't get some arrangement with them then yes I'd be looking for different childcare.

insancerre Sun 13-Nov-16 07:21:57

I am a nursery manager so I may be able to give you some insight into the procedures in nurseries

If a child vomits we send them home, unless we have a letter from the child's GP confirming the cause of the vomiting. We are not medically trained so have no way of determining whether the vomiting is due to a bug or anything else. This is done to prevent the risk of infection in the nursery. However inconvenient it may be for you to collect your child if the nursery phones is nothing compared to the inconvenience you would have if the nursery was to close because the whole staff team were sick.
A nursery has a duty of care to all the children in its care and would be failing in that duty if they allowed poorly children to stay and potentially infect the other children
Its the same for temperatures, there is no way of telling if it would develop into something serious or just come down by itself
But a poorly child is always best off at home with a parent.

Failing to collect a child when the nursery has asked you to is neglect. The nursery will have written policies, either on the website or on the premises which must be available for parents. The nursery have told you they think your child might be poorly, rightly or wrongly, but they are not there to diagnose. If you ignore that,then it is a safeguarding concern

Have you sought medical advice for your daughters issues with food? Gagging at the sight of food is a cause for concern and I'm guessing the staff are concerned about that and may hope that by sending her home you might take her for some medical advice
Have they approached you about this?

Your other comments about staff sleeping in the entrance has no bearing on your concerns about your daughter.
It sounds like you are not happy and are just picking faults now. You say the staff are tired, overworked and have loads of children to look after, yes they probably are, so having to look after children who are I'll is just going to add to that stress. When a child vomits the staff will have no idea if it is going to be a one off or if the child is going to do it again or if the other children are going to do it too

Speak to the manager, raise your concerns and ask for a plan so that they only ring you if her temperature goes above a certain level, or they wait 20 minutes and take it again before ringing (which is what we do) and they don't ring if she vomits or gags while eating but do if it happens at other times. Ask if it can be the manager who rings to collect, so you know there are legitimate concerns and IRS not just an inexperienced staff member making the decision

But do remember they only have your daughters best interest in mind and they are not out to be awkward. The child always comes first

wannabslim Wed 07-Dec-16 10:06:23

Well said incancerre!

insancerre Wed 07-Dec-16 19:49:40

Thank you wannabeslim!
I sent 2 children home with high temperatures today
A child locally died from meningitis and I'm not taking any chances
One child's temp was 38.9 after calpol and the gp said to take her to a and e
Luckily our parents are sensible and always come to collect if I ring
Hope the op reads this as our only concern is the welfare of the child

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