Price for buying pre school toys

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Howlers Mon 07-Nov-16 05:17:54

Hi there

This is my first time on here so
You'll have to excuse my ignorance if I'm Posting in the wrong place.

Up until last Friday I was going through the process of buying two
Local pre schools. However, in short, the current owner is very ill, hasn't been able to keep her eye on the ball for the past 3 years and basically the staff have totally ruined the place. I therefore decided I had no choice but to pull out. I've offered if she does decide to fold the business I would be interested in buying the toys to set up from
Scratch. My question.... What on earth value do I put on lots of pretty old toys???!!! Sadly I don't have a breakdown of what she has but it's a mixture of expensive (though old) proper pre school things and second hand pass me downs. All ideas greatly appreciated!! Thank you 😊

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