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Special needs childcare for High School children

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Jane1403 Fri 04-Nov-16 17:52:49

I have a son with autism who is now in a special needs high school and I would like to go back to work. What do other mum's do in this situation? He is not able to cope with lots of children at a childminders and none of them seem to take children of his age anyway. His school has longer holidays than mainstream schools so holiday clubs are out. I considered a part time nanny but the cost is prohibitive. Has anyone found a solution to this or a similar problem?

Namechangeemergency Fri 04-Nov-16 18:09:01

Sorry but my experience is that it is very difficult to get wrap around care for disabled children.
Is it possible for you to get a job in school hours/term time?

I work days and my OH works evenings. OH is term time only and I take holidays in term time because OH is not fit enough to do full time care of the DCs.

Are you in receipt of direct payments?

I wish I had a solution for you. Hopefully someone else will.

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