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Nurseries in Fulham London (Peques, Little people, Millie's house, Kiddi Caru) - advices please!

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Sotrelle1983 Thu 03-Nov-16 10:49:06

Hi - We are expecting our first baby (so excited!!) and are looking for a nursery in North of Fulham (in London). We have Little People across the road, I heard various critics about Peques. Also tempted by Millie's house… Do you have any advice? experience to share? know how long in advance you need to register the child? Thank you in advance for your answers!!

MangetoutW6 Wed 24-May-17 06:58:34

I know this is an old thread, but wondered where you got to with finding a nursery. Our daughter is nearly 6m and we are living overseas but moving back to the North Fulham/Barons Court area in a few months. We haven't really looked at nurseries yet and while my work is likely to be flexible so it's not critical, I'm wondering if it would be good for her to maybe do a couple of sessions a week starting sometime next year. Have you found places to be hugely oversubscribed? I quite like the idea of Montessori and we are very close to Little People, but also intrigued by the idea of Forest School too...

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