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Nurseries - Marmalade cat vs Newton prep nursery

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Kim2014 Thu 03-Nov-16 00:02:24

I hope to get your advice and views on the subject. We registered with the Marmalade Cat nursery sometime ago and this year received an offer for a place for sept 2017, when my child would be 3y old. We already paid the deposit etc so all confirmed. We have applied long ago for nursery place at Newton Prep, but never thought we will get a place there. We just received a letter and offer to start the nursery from Sept 2017.
Does anyone have an opinion on Marmalade Cat vs Newton prep nursery? I'm a very torn but know that NP has excellent facilities and teachers. Loosing the deposit for MC doesn't bother me i just want to take the right decision. I like both nurseries, so please help me. Both nurseries are 10min away from home. Thank you !

AnotherNewt Thu 03-Nov-16 20:29:09

It might help if you look ahead a bit - where do you want your DC to go to school?

Because the glaring difference pbetween these two is that one is a free-standing nursery school, and the other is the nursery class of a school that goes right up to 11/13+.

Kim2014 Thu 03-Nov-16 20:52:26

NP it's the 3rd on our wish list for schools.
We have already decided to go for it ! As it's an excellent nursery & school with great facilities !

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