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Karolina80 Tue 01-Nov-16 05:36:23

Hello Everyone,
I am planning to open a nursery in Cardiff starting September 2013 and would like to know your views on that subject. Could you please complete my questionnaire? it will take just 2 minutes. Please email me your answers and any queries on

1. Are you considering sending your child to a nursery?
Yes No

2. What age will your child start attending childcare?
-1 1 2 2+

3. What is your preferred location for the nursery (name two)?

4. What price range would be acceptable for you if all other factors met your expectations?
£30 per day
£40 per day
£50 per day

5. Does your child have special dietary needs?

6. What hours of care would suit your needs?

7. Have you ever come across Waldorf Steiner approach to education? Yes No

8. Waldorf Steiner approach to early years education is based on a holistic view of a child. The child at this stage views the world through their senses and therefore every aspect of their surrounding needs to be wholesome and awake reverence in the child. Attention is given to creating a home atmosphere, carers do not wear uniforms, perform household duties – cleaning, mending, cooking - in the presence of the children and act as role models. The focus is on free play and no formal or objective set focused schooling is given at that age. Would you consider sending your child to a Waldorf Steiner nursery?

Yes Would need to know more No

9. Tip Tap's Manor is a Steiner inspired nursery for children from 0 to 3 years of age. It offers care all year round (except for statutory holidays) from 8:00 till 16:00 Monday to Friday. It is a small nursery, with organic plant-based menu, natural toys and regular outside play and park outings. It is located in Llandaff North. Would you consider Tip Tap's Manor in your childcare search?

Yes No

Why not?

10. Would you be more likely to send your child to a nursery which operates on a non for profit basis (charity or social enterprise)? Yes No

If you are interested in Tip Tap's Manor offer please write your name and e-mail address and we will keep you updated. ____________________________________________

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