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Nurseries in Gipsy Hill/Upper Norwood

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GipsyOlive Sun 30-Oct-16 10:49:59

I'm expecting my first child and have started looking into nurseries around Gipsy Hill/Upper Norwood (I'll be needing one later next year).

I've come across the following local nurseries:
- Teddies West Dulwich, SE27
- Anabela Day Nursery, SE27
- Colby Road Nursery, SE19
- Alphabet Lanes (the new one at Berridge Road, SE19)
- Chaper House Day Nursery, SE27

Does anyone have any experiences with or preferences between these? Ideally I need a nursery that accepts babies under the age of one. Any comments about full-time fees would be also much appreciated!

Many thanks!

GipsyOlive Fri 02-Dec-16 22:39:41

Just bumping this up smile

southlondondh Sat 07-Jan-17 21:48:00

gipsyolive ...did you look at those on the list ....harold rd se19 has a nursery
what were your impressions ?

GipsyOlive Sun 26-Feb-17 15:44:54

I'm arranging to visit some of these nurseries in the next couple of weeks so will report back. The one on Harold Rd is unfortunately a bit far from me - it's not really near any station, so it wouldn't be easy for me to head to work after dropping off my son...

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