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Crying at drop off and unsettled how long to give it

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Chloris33 Thu 27-Oct-16 07:37:41

I know this varies a lot for individual children, but wondered how long it took yours to feel happy at nursery and not to cry at drop off, especially if they started a bit later on - DS started at 20 months. He's made progress and is now only crying at drop off, and sometimes at nap time, but I think he still feels insecure about the nursery experience. He's been there 6 weeks now 2 days p/w. Thanks!

MrsBellefleur Thu 27-Oct-16 07:40:04

It's taken 5 months for my 3 year old to really settle. Sometimes she still gets a bit teary at drop off but we have a lot more days of "no tears today mummy!"

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