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Early years Teachers Status

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Confusedandconfused Wed 26-Oct-16 22:58:51

24/10/2016 22:04 Confusedandconfused

Hi! I posted this over in the staff room section but am posting here as well just to see if I could get a few more insights as I'm pretty desperate for them!
I'm thinking of trying to get Early Years Teachers Status next year via the full time 12 month graduate entry route. I've heard a lot about the problems with this course and the pay differential between those with this Status and those with QTS but am wondering specifically if anyone has done the course and how they found the actual course as opposed to the career afterwards if you see what I mean? I'm wondering about things like assessment, hours of commitment, workload etc and how it compared to a PGCE with QTS if anyone has done both?

Any insights greatly appreciated!

Rainingchocolate Thu 27-Oct-16 10:39:56

I did EYPS and found it very interesting. I did the 12mths pathway. As for pay, I haven't changed jobs but having seen what others get it is in no way comparable to QTS.

chelsbells Mon 31-Oct-16 06:27:36

I completed this in July, the course was brilliant - did the employment route so once a week I had observations completed on me for my practice, I had to set targets for the following week for personal development based on the teaching standards. This then all turned into a huge folder filed with evidence of what I had done over the last year - photos, letters sent home, the observations, mentor meetings, presentations from staff meetings that I'd given etc. The evidence file was quite time consuming but I tended to spend weekends completing parts of it.

With my course (with Oxford Brookes) we also did one masters module, I did learning and development, and this had one assignment due at the end of the term, plus one discussion based on our reading on the intranet.

I went to uni one day a week September to December, then a couple of times January to July. I had day release from work so was still being paid etc. and your work gets funding for this.

I also had to complete a minimum of two weeks placement at a different setting, working up to the age of 7 (year 2)!

And today I start my new job as an Early Years Teacher! So for me it was totally worth it, planning on doing my QTS top up asap! Hope that all helps!

turquoisetoad Sun 06-Nov-16 19:12:30

Hi there
Really interested to read this thread. I am just finishing my L3 Cache Early Years Educator diploma and I have really enjoyed it. I am currently working in a nursery and am considering doing an EYTS course as I'm already a graduate. Chelsbells - to be honest, I didn't realise you could 'top up' the EYTS with QTS. Do you know how long the QTS takes? Thanks. x

chelsbells Wed 09-Nov-16 18:44:14

Hi Toad, I would definitely it! To do the QTS top up, you do need to have been employed as an EYT for two years, then you do a 12 week top up route if I remember correctly! There's probably more in the small print but it is definitely possible

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