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CharliAliciaLuke Wed 12-Oct-16 12:57:17

I have recently applied for an apprenticeship as a clinical support worker working in a hospital. on the job advertisement its says it involves working shifts over 37.5 hrs a week and can be nights or through the day. Im just wondering if anybody else works shifts and how they manage it? my partner works from 6am - 5pm every week day and just trying to figure out if this is a realistic option for me!??

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Akire Wed 12-Oct-16 13:03:36

So you are only free to work from say 6pm-5am allowing travelling time? Generally no one wants to work lates or nights but as these are only shifts you can do may be possible to ask and see if they could do this. General it's shifts because shares anti-social hours. I definitely ask you have nothing to lose.

You have more chance of saying I can only do lates and nights than I can only ever work 9-5 say.

CharliAliciaLuke Wed 12-Oct-16 14:22:34

Thanks. I have a very supportive family aswell who will be willing to help where they can, im just wondering about childminders and things really, as I want to make with work for me as it will take me into nursing. do childminders only do set days or can you change them to suit your schedule?

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Akire Wed 12-Oct-16 19:04:40

You may find odd one who's really flexible but generally want set days. But if you have family say free on Monday and Friday's then you could find a child minders who covered Tuesday Wednesday Thursday who may be happy to do early or later shifts so Dad could pick them up if you are in late. You would still have to pay even if weeks were you didn't need them, but if it's only way it can work for a job you want not to many other options!

Finding someone who's willing work one day one week, 4 days next then nothing for 2 weeks isn't going happen

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