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2 children got scratched within 2 weeks in the nursery

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user1475856242 Fri 07-Oct-16 17:31:39

My boy is 3 years old and just attended nursery this September. So it all happened in such a short period.

Last week I saw a girl bleeding on her face when I went to pick up my son. Any yesterday same thing happened to another boy. So I asked the teacher what happened and she said it happened when kids fought for a toy.

I don't know which kid did it but It might happen to my boy a day. I really don't want to be overreacted but it's actually the teacher's negative attitude makes me worry. She kept stressing "I can't guarantee it won't happen to XX (my son)".

Firstly I didn't blame anyone just would like to find out what happened. I understand these kind of things can't be avoided. Secondly I would expect her saying something more positive like "It's our job to keep all children safe here", "I will do my best to avoid such things happen again". If you say things negative just try to avoid any responsibility, how can I expect you to do things positively. Thirdly, we suppose nursery is usually a place safer than outside. But 2 kids got hurt in 2 weeks. Please do let me know your experience is this normal?

The nursery is outstanding rating and we applied 1 year ago to get a place. It is also the biggest one in this area. There is no other nursery better than this one near where we live. I appreciate the nursery have many activities for children but the safety and the teacher's attitude worries me so much now.

This is my first child so I am not very experienced. Please do share with me your thoughts! Thanks

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HSMMaCM Fri 07-Oct-16 18:31:58

It's possible they have a child who is prone to scratching faces, in which case they will be working closely with that child and their parents. It could also be 2 different children.

These things happen in the blink of an eye and can happen anywhere. It would be the attitude of staff which would be most important to me.

Maybe have another chat at a quiet time and see if they can allay your fears.

Hulababy Fri 07-Oct-16 18:42:59

I really don't want to be overreacted but it's actually the teacher's negative attitude makes me worry. She kept stressing "I can't guarantee it won't happen to XX (my son)".

But she is right. They can't guarantee it. Nobody could. Even if the child who has scratched is watched carefully, these things can happen so quickly. It would be far wrong of them to say that they could prevent it ever happening.

Children in nursery are still just learning about how to play and are with one another. So unfortunately things can and do happen. They do at infant school too. The staff can do their best to avoid them happening and put things in p,ace to try and help the children learn how to play nicely and kindly together, but they can't watch every single child constantly every minute of the day. And they can't just exclude young children who make mistakes from activities either.

ayeokthen Fri 07-Oct-16 18:45:41

DD was scratched really badly the other day at nursery, it was bleeding quite a bit and she was marked for a few days. Obviously I was gutted that she'd been hurt, but the nursery showed me an incident form detailing what happened, what they did after and what their strategy is for preventing it happening again. Nobody likes to see their child hurt, but it's unfortunately just something that happens. I spoke to the nursery next day because DD was afraid to go back in and they did a great job reassuring her and helping her to overcome her fear.

ayeokthen Fri 07-Oct-16 18:46:30

Having said that, if it hasn't happened to your child, there's no point worrying about it just now.

milkshakeandmonstermunch Fri 07-Oct-16 18:50:02

That wouldn't cut it for me either OP. If they have a scratcher they need to watch that child like a hawk. The attitude of the nursery is scary.

user1475856242 Mon 10-Oct-16 12:56:14

Thank you all for your advise.

This morning I spoke to another mother whose son is in the same class. She said her son got scratched on both sides of his face in two consecutive days (He was not one of the two I saw).

Another mother was telling the teacher her son had some thorns in palm when he was playing in garden the Sunday and asked if she could gave him some ice to release the pain in case. The teacher immediately asked her to fill out a form to state the accident was not happened in the nursery. Of course it is the right procedure. But why I feel a bit uncomfortable. Maybe show some more emotion rather than just do everything right, such as say"oh I'm sorry to hear that..."

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