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Nurseries in Stoke Newington/Highbury

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Mamarama6 Wed 28-Sep-16 22:03:39

Hi, I'm looking for a nursery in and around Stoke Newington/Highbury for my 20 month old and wondering if you had any recommendations? Has anyone had any experience with N16 Tots?


Maryberryismygran Thu 29-Sep-16 20:58:00

Not heard of that one but Little Angels on Blackstock Road is great. Would highly recommend. Highbury Community Nursery is supposed to be very good too, I looked round it and loved it but it's quite difficult to get a place there I think.

Florida123 Thu 29-Sep-16 21:05:23

A few people I know have used N16 Tots. I used Rainbow until we moved out of London and it was brilliant.

Andcake Thu 29-Sep-16 21:09:01

Highbury community but v hard to get into or monkey puzzle which ds loved

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