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Feedback from nursery

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catladyandwhiskersjim Mon 26-Sep-16 16:36:34

Hi all,

My 3 year old son goes to nursery 4 days a week. When I collect him staff provide what I would say is just a description of what the group did - nothing specific to him, and nothing about progress made. Often you just get 'oh he was fine'.

Can others tell me what type of feedback you get from nursery? Before I moan it would be good to know what really good feedback actually looks like.


purplemunkey Mon 26-Sep-16 16:41:10

DD goes to a childminder 3 days per week, though she has a couple of assistants so its more like a mini nursery. We have a diary that goes in her bag every day and comes back with notes on what she's done during the day e.g. what and who she's played with throughout the day, when and how long she napped, what she ate. Its great. There's normally a small amount of chat at pick up too so I might hear a bit more about her day then.

Mol1628 Mon 26-Sep-16 16:44:38

Not a because they are very busy at pick up time making sure each child leaves with the parent etc.
However they keep a file with photos and descriptions of what they've been up to, and if we need to talk about anything in particular then they will tell me, any issues or accidents etc.

havalina1 Mon 26-Sep-16 16:54:00

We are in a very busy nursery and at pick up the key workers will tell me how the child napped/for how long, if they ate well and what they ate and if the child was generally happy or not and often mention who they played with and what they were playing. I've two children in two different rooms and pick up can take a while! Oh they often mention nappies if there is anything of 'note' about them.

StringyPotatoes Mon 26-Sep-16 17:00:45

My DC's nursery had a sheet with nap times, food and a one line description of something interesting they had done for under twos. Any older and they relied on the children to say what they'd done. For a year my DC would come out and say "I played cars" every single time. It wasn't that great, tbh.

I now work at a pre-school and we set out a board each morning and afternoon with a description of what the children have been up to. There's not much of a chat at pick-up but if parents want to know anything specific they know they are more than welcome to ask. We all know the children really well and can always say what they've been doing. Parents seem happy - especially as they all come in and play for 5mins before leaving in the morning so actually see what their DC do!

GreyKittyMakesWarms Tue 27-Sep-16 20:38:36

My 15m goes to a big nursery but it feels small as its split into several age groups.

At the end of each day we get a form which has all the toys/activities they could possibly do and the KW highlights what she's played with, it also lists what she's eaten, how long she's napped and if they need anything from us like for a signature for calpol or more nappies for her box. At pickup they'll also discuss any incidences and her general mood and behaviour. Any major problems and the KW will ask to speak to us in the office.

catladyandwhiskersjim Tue 27-Sep-16 22:45:53

Oh thanks guys. That is really helpful. I'm not expecting a big long handover, but i would like to have some sense that they actually know him and are interested in his development. Lots of ideas from you guys and things to ask about. Cheers.

Fairylea Tue 27-Sep-16 22:48:17

My sons nursery has Tapestry which is an online secure private forum where they share photos and descriptions of what your child has done each day. Only the parent has the password for their own child, you can't see anyone else's. I have a son with asd and he can't tell me what he's done during the session so I absolutely love it as I can see photos and assessments about what stage he's at. He attends for two days a week and we get about 4 photos / diary entries for each session.

Littlefish Tue 27-Sep-16 22:50:45

I work in a school-based nursery. Parents have the opportunity to look at their child's learning journey book whenever they like, but we don't provide individual feedback at the end of each day on a regular basis. There are 32 children and it would simply be impossible to do it.

We do parents evenings twice a year and end of year reports. That's when we talk to parents about progress (unless there is something we are concerned about).

Parents also know that if they want to talk to us about any aspect of their child's time at nursery, they are welcome to arrange to come and speak to one of us. But, as I said, it simply isn't possible to do detailed handovers for every child.

It won't happen when your child is at school either.

maybethedayafter Tue 27-Sep-16 22:53:11

We get given a sheet at the end of each day that says when she slept and for how long, what food they had and how much she ate, when nappy changes were or when she used the potty plus any accidents and a summary of the actives they've been doing. When I pick her up they will generally run through the sheet and tell me how she's been - if she was upset or what she's been talking about. As well as that she has a book which has a note written by her key person each day with photos to back up what she's been doing. They intermittently do developmental reviews in this book too and we can pick it up and look at it whenever we like, we can also write our own notes in it if we feel there's anything relevant.

Blueberry234 Tue 27-Sep-16 22:56:14

We get a handover of nappies, naps and food intake. Plus Tapestry which gives us an update of activities matched to ELG

Normandy144 Tue 27-Sep-16 22:56:34

My DD is 3 and goes to preschool 5 mornings a week. The staff write up a board with details of what's happened that morning. There's not masses of time at handover but they will usually tell me that she settled well etc and might comment on what she's played with and who. It's not hugely detailed, but I'm fine with that. The environment is a good one and the staff are great. I've had experience of two childminders and one did a daily diary, the other doesn't and in all honesty I don't miss the diary. I gave time to chat at pick up so I find out there and then if there are issues.

HSMMaCM Wed 28-Sep-16 08:16:02

As others have said, they are probably compiling a learning journey for her. Ask if you can have a look at it. They may arrange a time for you to come in.

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