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Biting at nursery

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Kittymum03 Thu 15-Sep-16 06:05:44

Hi. My Son has been going to nursery twice a week since he was 17 months old, he's now nearly 3 and a half.
Since the new term started last week, he has been bitten twice. He say's it was a 'New baby' & that it was the same one both times (we havnt had that clarified)

So, first time, we were upset, but put it down to 'It's their first week, they're emotional and finding their feet. If it happen's again, that's different, but for now, it's no big deal.' We also said One day he might be the One to bite someone, as we aren't naive enough to think he's always a perfect little angel once out of our sight!

But it's happened again, in less than a week.. Second time was yesterday.. So i'm feeling uneasy about it now. Is it now 'It's only Twice' and let it go, or is it 'Twice Is One time to many'?
I am veering toward's the second answer,TBH.

Any advice? And what would you do?

After the first bite I rang the Dr's and they wanted to see him and gave him antibiotic's 'Just in case' as it had broken the skin. This One hasn't.

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Thu 15-Sep-16 06:15:06

Unfortunately, biting is a phase that some toddlers go through. I'm sure the nursery are aware and will be trying to curb it, but these are babies, so reasoning with them and telling them not to do it again isn't always effective if they don't yet have the emotional intelligence to understand.

My DD was bitten on the face at nursery, it was awful and I too was upset, but it was a toddler who did it, you can't blame a toddler for what is essentially normal behaviour.

Fingers crossed the nursery are on the ball and will be supervising closely to try and help the biter to stop and reassure the others.

insancerre Thu 15-Sep-16 06:20:30

It happens, even with constant supervision

In my nursery when a child bites another we fill n a form that the bitten chiolds parents sign but we give both parents a copy of a factsheet on why children bite and how its a normal stage of development for some children

We had a bite yesterday actually. A 2 year old was being tickled by a 3 year old. The older child started to get a bit rough so was asked to stop by the 3 adults that were all very close by. The 2 year old bit the older child.
What would you like the nursery to do?

Kittymum03 Thu 15-Sep-16 06:34:57

Thank's for the reply's.
Yes I know it's a phase and that it's going to happen, and probably alot more than it has, hence me saying he may well be the biter one day.

I do want to know if the other parent's are being made aware, just because I would want to know if my Son were biting. I think it's more the 'Twice in 2 week's' thats bothering me.
Unfortunately he get's dropped off right at lunch time today so I won't really get a chance to speak with them about it as it's so busy, and pick up time there are aren't many staff and he's knackered and we just need to get him home to bed.

TheInimitableMrsFanshawe Thu 15-Sep-16 06:43:49

As the parent of a former biter, I can reassure you that the parents absolutely are being made aware. I used to be grateful to have to sign a form that related to DS getting bitten and not the other way round!

Certainly in our case there were specific triggers and our nursery were good at recognising these and working with us and DS to head the biting off at the pass. They can only do do much and by the time I pick up, I can reiterate that DS that it's wrong to bite, but hours have passed since the bite and he can barely remember.

I'm not minimising, but I think antibiotics is a total over-reaction to a bite from a "new baby" (which suggests that the biter is younger than your DS). I'm astonished that the GP suggested it.

Kittymum03 Thu 15-Sep-16 07:06:05

Thanks Fanshawe, his dad picked him up after the first bite and when he heard 'accident form' his 1st question was 'Did he fall over?' 2nd question was 'What did he do to someone?!'

I think the biter is 2, as that's when the free funding start's, and they are separated from 2 and a half I believe, from the actual babies. So baby in my Son's eyes as smaller than him!

I wasn't sure about the antibiotics TBH either, he's only been to the Dr's a handful of time's, i'm not One to take him for every sniffle. That's why I phoned them, expecting to be told he didn't need to be seen. But then I reasoned that One course of antibiotics (hopefully) won't do him any harm.

Kittymum03 Thu 15-Sep-16 16:46:54

I spoke to nursery and she reassured me that the biter's (it was 2 different Ones) parent's are being told, and they are keeping an extra eye on them.
This has made me feel better, and was what I hoped was happening, I just needed to hear it!
I'm also glad it was 2 different children, as he (hopefully) won't end up being scared of just One child and remember him as 'The biter'

MargaretCabbage Thu 15-Sep-16 17:28:53

Unfortunately my DS is a biter. For a while it seemed I was constantly having to sign incident forms telling me what he'd done and talking about how it was handled at nursery and at home. The nursery worked to identify the triggers; he has someone who watches him at snack time and if he is playing with certain things he gets protective over as that's when he usually does it. He did manage to bite the same child twice in one week when it started, and I felt terrible (they didn't tell me who it was, just that it was the same child) but the staff figured out DS pretty quickly and the biting has stopped.

Kittymum03 Thu 15-Sep-16 17:50:24

That's good to hear, Margaret. I dread the day they tell us he's the One who's bitten or hurt somebody i'll feel so guilty!
I mean he's got a temper on him, he hit's and bite's at home (Me mainly) but, so far, nobody outside the home.

insancerre Fri 16-Sep-16 12:30:27

This might help

Kittymum03 Fri 16-Sep-16 14:43:07

Thank you, that does help!
He was worrying about going as he kept saying he 'Didn't want to get a sore arm again' Both bites were on the same arm.

But he went yesterday and had a lovely time and as I said I feel better now i've spoken to nursery about it.I think that's what I needed.

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