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23 Month old suddenly crying at nursery drop off

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Joesmummy2 Tue 13-Sep-16 13:44:07

My DS has been at nursery since he was 10 months old and settled in immediately without any problems and has been happy there since then. But in the last month he's been clingy and upset at drop off, I'd be ok if it was just a whinge but its now become full on screaming and tears and am finding it really upsetting as he's always been so happy there. He has just recently moved from the baby room into the bigger group (still same room but just another part of it) so am sure this is something to do with it, I suppose just hoping for some reassurance that this is normal/a phase and he'll be fine and also if anyone has any advice on helping him settle as am feeling v clueless!
The girls at nursery are fab and assure me that once I've gone and he has his breakfast he's fine and he's certainly happy at pick up time, probably just the normal working mothers guilt but seems such a horrible way for us both to start the day!

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bluebunnyblue Wed 14-Sep-16 16:43:44

Similar experience here - dh takes dd to nursery and she was usually fine. Lately she's been screaming about leaving me, and then screaming when he leaves her at nursery. She's 22m and been attending since 12m, but went up to the toddler room in July. The screaming started a while after the move though. This week has been better, so hopefully she's getting over it and yours will be a short phase too. I wonder if it's a development thing - they understand more what's going to happen and remember that it's all day, and/or they're trying to see if their behaviour has an influence on the outcome? I.e. if I scream do I get to stay at home? I just try and reassure dd that I will pick her up later, and usually give her something to take into nursery to show the staff/other kids, which seems to help.

bluebunnyblue Wed 14-Sep-16 16:44:43

It's heartbreaking, though, isn't it? I seriously considered giving up work in the worst weeks, and I definitely can't drop her off myself as I end up in floods of tears too and have to pull myself together before I can drive to work!

Joesmummy2 Tue 27-Sep-16 13:26:04

Thanks bluebunnyblue - he's still crying when I leave him so think he's going to take a little longer to settle now he's moved rooms. Although I did have to speak to the girls about something yesterday morning and noticed that he'd stopped crying by the time I left (about 2 mins) so at least I know he settles quickly! He got his end of year report yesterday and they've said he's doing great and enjoys himself at nursery and made friends so am pleased about that - just hope this phase finishes soon as not easy for either of us!

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