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Childcare vouchers

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user1472907990 Sat 03-Sep-16 14:18:17

Please help I need advice. I recently left my employer to start a new job. On leaving I received £243 the month after I had left and taken up new employment. At the time I queried this with both the pay roll and the voucher provider and both said that it was correct and I was entitled to the vouchers. 6 months later my old employers payroll are now saying it was paid in error and are demanding the money back. I don't have the £243 any longer as it was used to pay for childcare only after they originally confirmed it was not an error. Please advise.

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MissBattleaxe Sat 03-Sep-16 14:19:45

Not sure the legal standpoint, but morally you're correct. If payroll told you it was correct at the time then you acted in good faith. Their mistake.

Kanga59 Tue 06-Sep-16 21:19:24

This is messy. presumably no salary was sacrificed against the vouchers. The employer is down the cost of 243+ admin fee. you've received the vouchers but not had the associated tax relief. If you don't do a tax return each year, it won't come out in the wash. I'd write back your take on things and say that as it's their error and that the vouchers are no longer there, you won't be taking further action. employer is down £250 or so but it's their mistake

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