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Starting nursery - morning/full day

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MissChick Fri 02-Sep-16 15:03:49

Hi All, just wanted some feedback on what I should do please, or whether I'm over worrying.
My little one is due to start nursery in a couple of months and will be 11 months. He's a little clingy already, and I'm now worrying about him starting, as he's not really been apart from me, except for a couple of hours at a time. I'm going back to work 2 days a week, but between my husband and I's leave he will only go one day to nursery for the first 6 months. With worrying I'm now wondering whether for the first couple of months I should reduce that further and just send him 1/2 a day to help him settle. With juggling leave and calling on parents for the odd session this should be possible. What do you think, am I over analysing? or is this a good idea? Thanks

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BackforGood Fri 02-Sep-16 23:42:42

IME, that will make it even harder for him. TBH, one day a week is not great, as it means there is so long between each visit, then he's back at square one for 'settling in' every time he goes.
Obviously I don't know what you both do, and what arrangements you have in place for the rest of the care, but it will be much easier for him if he goes a couple of times a week at least - maybe 2 mornings rather than 1 full day.

insancerre Sat 03-Sep-16 06:30:00

I agree with the previous poster. It will make it harder for him, not easier
I think you will struggle to find a nursery that would accept a young baby for just1 day a week and it will be impossible to find one that would allow him to do just a half day

LookWhatTheCatDraggedIn Sat 03-Sep-16 06:35:50

Much harder. I tried that with my DS and he hated it - it didn't let him settle into a full day activity based on the timings. Once he did a whole day, he stopped screaming at drop off and ran in.

MissChick Sat 03-Sep-16 11:16:55

Thanks all for the comments, may have to do a rethink. x

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