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Free 15 hrs, help!

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mamarach26 Thu 01-Sep-16 20:54:01

My son is going to be starting a nursery when he is 2. I am eligible for the free 15 hours, I'm just wondering if i have to pay the deposit? It's £150.
I don't know if i should take the money with me tomorrow with the forms?

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kimlo Thu 01-Sep-16 20:55:59

My nursery doesn't ask for it if you are just taking the free hours. I would ring them before you go and ask.

mamarach26 Thu 01-Sep-16 20:58:22

Thank you so much, I've tried googling it but nothing comes up. I'll give the nursery a ring in the morning. X

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insancerre Fri 02-Sep-16 06:31:43

No, they cannot charge you the deposit if you are accessing just the funded hours

Dlah Fri 16-Sep-16 21:41:39

Ditto - funded only - no deposit - legal council requirement of the setting they get them to sign.

If you intend to use above 15 hours then yes they can ask for one

mamarach26 Fri 16-Sep-16 23:03:24

I'm not eligible for the free funding, I earn over the limit set!

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Dlah Sat 24-Sep-16 15:20:48

Just re-read, confusion as your original post says you are entitled to the funding?

If you are not entitled to funding then yes, common practice to take a deposit. With all the good will in the world, some 'lovely' parents still do flits and leave owning money, it's just protection for the nursery

dementedpixie Sat 24-Sep-16 15:26:18

So are you eligible for 15 free hours or not as you have contradicted yourself?

mamarach26 Sun 25-Sep-16 08:44:04

No. I am not eligible.

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dementedpixie Sun 25-Sep-16 08:50:12

If his hours aren't funded then I would assume you need to pay the deposit. Is he going because you are working and need childcare?

mamarach26 Sun 25-Sep-16 09:05:37

My partner works full time. I just wanted my DS to be in the nursery environment, so now I will be paying per day and the deposit. smile

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dementedpixie Sun 25-Sep-16 09:11:26

My 2 never went until they got their free hours at age 3. I didn't see the need for it before then. Could you send him for fewer hours so it is cheaper for you?

mamarach26 Sun 25-Sep-16 11:03:08

Yeah, I just think he would really enjoy it! And it's harder to keep him entertained in the house now it's wet most of the time. I think I'll send him for one half day a week?

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LIZS Sun 25-Sep-16 11:08:33

Some will recommend a minimum number of sessions, otherwise it can be hard to settle. Yes you'd have to pay a deposit and possibly fees up front.

mamarach26 Sun 25-Sep-16 11:21:53

I've just read the information pack from the nursery, minimum amount of hours is 15.

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insancerre Sun 25-Sep-16 15:18:45

We don't take children for just half a day a week
Its not enough time for the child and will take this m much longer to settle

mamarach26 Sun 25-Sep-16 16:49:22

Yeah, I did mention in my last post that the minimum is 15hrs. I was confused with the whole nursery situation. Im all sorted now, thanks allgrin

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