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How did you cope on the first day

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jellymum1704 Tue 23-Aug-16 10:11:52

DS is 16 months and will start daycare full time next month. He had his first settling in session for 1 hour today. Both DH and I went along to settle him in. Although I was anxious about it I made sure I didn't show it outwards. I had a chat with her networker last week who suggested they find children might settle easier if parents leave so they can bond with their career. I took her advice and planned to hang around for about 10 minutes. DH on the other hand refused to leave andI had to drag him out 15 minutes later. I expected to feel more emotional but did not eventually although I'm keen on making sure he's eased into the routine. Didn't help that MIL and DH remarked how cool I was given it was his first day away and she kept going on about poor baby all by himself. I feel like a rather shitty mom now. Do I have to cry to show I care?

iemma321q Tue 23-Aug-16 19:59:22

I was the same as you. My 10 month old is currently getting settled in at nursery and I haven't let myself cry even when he has got upset. I just keep telling myself that crying won't help him and plus I know that nursery is going to be a fantastic place for him to be. Ignore their comments - you are doing what's best for your little one!

trilbydoll Tue 23-Aug-16 20:01:53

The first couple of says I phoned at 11am to check she was okay blush but I've never cried. If I leave them wailing I'm sprinting out, primary emotion is relief that they're someone else's problem grin

Tootsiepops Tue 23-Aug-16 20:13:07

My daughter is 9 months and will be going to nursery a half day per week starting later this week. She's had all her warm up sessions and all went ok.

I found it surprisingly easy to leave her, but I did look back through the door after I'd said goodbye and I thought just how little she is.

My circumstances are probably a bit different though as I am not going back to work so i don't have the adjustment of returning to the office to contend with alongside leaving my baby.

I feel a bit guilty about sending her but my immediate family are all dead (my mum just in April there) and I'm in a newish town where I don't know anyone.

My daughter is rather demanding and I need a break blush

Ahistorygirl Thu 25-Aug-16 21:20:19

I don't think I cried and after the first day found I took to it quite well! I do feel guilt but I also enjoy work and non baby time

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