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Nursery recommendations in Golders Green please?

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GGNewMum Mon 15-Aug-16 12:12:14

First-time mum-to-be (this will be obvious as you read on) and need some help on figuring out childcare. I'm just done with my first trimester, but the few people I know who have kids have been scaring us with stories of how difficult it will be to get nursery places.
I plan to take about 6-9 months off after the baby arrives, so looking for part-time nursery places from about September next year transitioning to full-time by the end of the year. How early should we start looking for spots? And does anyone have any suggestions for nurseries in Golders Green?
My husband works FT, and I plan to go back to work FT after about 9 months (although I'm a PhD student so have much more flexibility in my schedule). It looks like the Rocking Horse, and Great Learners are near us and are available for the hours I might need - anyone used either of these places?

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